What pops at me are the students. I am here to teach, but I find my students teach me.
What snatches at me about Hostos is the Grace.
I love seeing students develop.       

At first they’re anxious and tentative, they need to be encouraged. Then they
progress in ways that almost can’t be measured. It’s humbling.
Each day I talk to my mother in Orangeburg, South Carolina. She’s 90 years
old. She’s one of the last living teachers of the first black schools sponsored
by Sears & Roebuck, an initiative of Booker T. Washington. Her schoolhouse
is now a National Monument. She came to New York, second in her class,
from a black college, but was turned away. She worked in a factory, then
social services. Hostos snatches at me like my mother, filled by grace.