Aboudoubaki Boukari
Student Orientation Services Team Member

Aboudoubaki BoukariAboudoubaki was born in Togo, West Africa and started his college education at Defitech, which is a private school in his home country, where he began his studies in accounting. In 2007, Aboudoubaki won a visa lottery and decided to come to the United States to get a more well-rounded education. After a few months studying English at a New York Language Institute and working full time, Aboudoubaki felt that he was ready to investigate the possibilities of the City University of New York. He began his study of Accounting at Hostos Community College in the spring of 2009 and quickly became a part of several organizations and programs on campus.

Despite working full time and helping others from his home country find places to live and jobs here in New York City, Aboudoubaki became a member of the Hostos Student Leadership Academy's Student Orientation Services Team in the fall of 2009. He immediately began to engage in workshops and activities in the community . He was so well regarded by his peers, that he was asked to take on the role of a peer advisor during the summer 2010 pre-registration activities.

Aboudoubaki Boukari"Boukari" as he most often called by his friends has participated in the National Model United Nations in Washington D.C. in fall of 2010, where he was one of a group of eight students who represented Ghana, West Africa. Boukari served on the World Economic Commission. He also was part of a group of 14 that participated in the National Model United Nations in New York in the spring of 2011, representing Burkina Faso and serving on the committee for the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Aboudoubaki also served as one of six members of the Hostos Student Leadership Academy at the New York State Model Senate Session in spring 2011 in Albany. He debated on the floor of the senate the issue of redistricting in New York State and sat in the seat of Democratic leader Malcolm Smith.

Aboudoubaki BoukariAboudoubaki has also served the community at a variety of different activities: at Part of the Solution Soup Kitchen, Love Gospel Assembly Soup Kitchen, Franz Siegel Park Tree Planting and Beautification, talking to the elderly at Isabella Geriatric Facility and even providing testimony and support for the Chancellor at City Hall. Aboudoubaki completed more than 200 hours of community service for the 2010-2011 school year and was selected to run for office as a member of the New Blood slate in the spring 2011 elections. Aboudoubaki, along with his fellow running mates won the election and he is currently serving as a Senator in the 2011-2012 Student Government Association at Hostos Community College.

Aboudoubaki Boukari Aboudoubaki has been a participant at a number of conferences, including the Millennium Campus Conference at Columbia University in fall 2010, the CUNY Emerging Leaders Conference in spring 2010 and 2011, the Somos El Future Conference in Albany in spring 2011 and the New Leadership Challenge in summer of 2011.

Aboudoubaki is the winner of the Bronx CUNY Scholarship in 2011 and was also recognized by the Hostos Student Leadership Academy with the Non-Traditional Leader Award at the 2011 Passing the Torch Ceremony.

Aboudoubaki plans to continue his studies in Accounting at Baruch College and thus continue his connection to the City University of New York.