Gael Georges
Liberal Arts and Science
Hostos Student Ambassador

Gael GeorgesGael was born to excited parents in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in 1981 and was raised for nineteen years on that island. He moved to the United States and New York City in 2000 to pursue his college education and explore better options for his life. After much consideration, and coming to an understanding about the cost of a college education, Gael joined the United States Military and served in the Army for three years. Over the course of his three years on active duty, Gael got to see the world; he went far and wide, serving his new home country; from South Korea to Kuwait to Iraq and then back to the United States and Fort Riley, Kansas.

After he left Kansas, he returned to his new-found home in New York City and he decided to explore his educational options again. Through his experiences, Gael learned to value diversity and so when he sought for an educational environment where he could study with people from all over the world, he found himself on the doorstep of Hostos Community College and since the spring of 2008, he has been an active student, engaged in a variety of clubs, organizations and has served as a significant member of the Hostos Student Leadership Academy's Student Ambassador Program.

Gael is studying Liberal Arts and Science and hopes to pursue a career in Physical Therapy. He is the Treasurer for the Muslim Student Association, a member of the Hostos Veterans and Reservists Club, an active member of the French, Francophone and Italian Club and he has served as the Chair of the Leadership Forum Committee, which runs topical leadership forums on the first Monday of each month, in association with the Hostos Student Leadership Academy.

Gael has represented Hostos at City Hall at a hearing on the Black Male Initiative, he represented the City University of New York at the SOMOS El Futuro Conference in Albany and he was one of two students selected to participate in the 24th National Conference on Ethics in America at the United States Military Academy at West Point. He has also participated in a variety of community service activities, since joining the Academy; such as, feeding the hungry at Part of the Solution Soup Kitchen, helping to plant over 900 trees in St. Mary's Park and aided in a shoe drive for children and other members of the community in Harlem, (in coordination with the Malcolm Shabazz Mosque.)

Gael has also been trained as a part of the CUNY Ambassadors Program and he is working on more activies to help out the community that he both lives in and studies in.

Gael values his peers and the communities that he has become a part of, since arriving in the United States, but he feels that all New Yorkers need to travel the world and come to understand the great vitality of diversity that surrounds them, both in the world and in the City that they call home.

Gael is also happy that his family in Haiti is doing well after the earthquake and he is very thankful for all the love, support and aid that has been given to his country and people by the people of the United States of America.