Radhames ToribioRadhames was born in the Dominican Republic on September 8th, 1994, in the City of San Francisco de Macoris. The Toribio family worked hard to prepare their children to become professionals in life and by making those efforts, they had to make hard decisions about where  the family would settle and how they would raise their children. Radhames began his education by  attending the Santa Rosa de Lima elementary school for five years, but almost immediately after his  fifth birthday, his father decided to bring the entire family to the United States of America so that they could receive a better education and make a better life for themselves. Radhames attended the Roberto Clemente School for three years before circumstances forced his family to return to the Dominican Republic.

For the next two years Radhames attended the Colegio Adventista Maranatha and then returned with his family to the United States and was registered in PS. 339 in the Bronx, where he completed his sixth and seventh grade studies. Once Radhames finished the seventh grade, his parents moved back to the Dominican Republic Radhames Toribioand he was enrolled in the Colegio Adventista Maranatha again. Radhames completed grades 8-10 and graduated as one of the top students in his class. Once he finished the tenth grade Radhames parents decided to return to the United States. It was at this time that Radhames expressed his desire to his parents to become a United states citizen and continue his remaining high school and college studies in New York. Radhames says that he loved traveling back and forth as a child, but once he had done it twice, he was ready to settle down and have some familiarity around him. He told his parents that he wished for a steady life and that he wanted to stay in one place, so that he could feel comfortable for more than a couple of years at a time. His parents agreed and became permanent United States residents. Both of Radhames sisters are United States Citizens and Radhames is awaiting his 21st birthday so he can also become a citizen. When the family finally  migrated to the United States for the last time, Radhames enrolled in FLAGS High School, where he developed a true passion for helping others and a genuine interest in the health related fields of study. Radhames had a dream to become a doctor and go to medical school.

Radhames ToribioRadhames chose to study at Hostos Community College because his sister graduated from the college and because he felt that he could feel comfortable in a place that had such a vibrant and vital history. Radhames began at the college pursuing a degree in Dental Hygiene, but switched it to Liberal Arts and Science when he realized that he continued to have a strong calling to become a Medical Doctor. After three semesters at Hostos Radhames joined the Student Leadership Academy’ Student Orientation Services Team. As a member of the Academy Radhames has become a leader extraordinaire, by committing himself to every act of engagement that he can possibly partake in. Radhames introduced one of this year’s Grand Marshals at Homecoming, was selected to represent the college at the 2013 New York State Model Senate Session Project in Albany and was also a student representative at both the New York State Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian Caucus Conference and the Somos El Futuro Conference where he was asked to represent Hostos and the City University of New York, while discussing important issues with legislators in Albany.

Radhames also committed to participating in a number of activities in which he helped the community that he lives and attends school in. He has helped to clean up the Gully, a new park in the Bronx, with the organization known as the Bronx is Blooming. He was a participant at the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Day of Service activity at the Yorkville Common Pantry, where he helped to pack bags of healthy and nutritionally balanced food for residents of upper Manhattan. He was also part of a group of 25 that raised money and walked in support of people who are fighting the battle against AIDS and HIV in AIDS WALK NYC.

Radhames ToribioRadhames Toribio

Radhames has also committed a great number of hours to activities here on campus, including Registration, The ELL Conference, The Career Fair and he has even assisted in fundraising for the National Model United Nations Team-New York. Radhames was a participant in the Hostos Student Leadership Academy Debate Competition on the Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus and he was selected to represent all of the SOS Team Members by giving a speech at the 6th annual Passing the Torch Ceremony.

Radhames is currently a recipient of the 2013 Gran Parada Dominicana del Bronx Scholarship and he said that his entire family will be marching with him and the Hostos family at the parade on July 28th. Radhames graduated in June and will be attending the City College of New York where he will major in Medicine and minor in Music.