Sandra May Flowers
Liberal Arts and Science (Nursing)
Hostos Student Ambassador

Sandra May FlowersSandra May was born in Nottingham, England and arrived on the shores of the United States in 1980. Over the course of her time in the States, Sandra May has worked as both an actress and as an activist. She is constantly working to improve the lives of others and when she finds a spare moment or two she explores her artistic side and acts, writes and performs on a regular basis in a variety of locales in New York City. Sandra May happily became a citizen of the United States in the fall of 2009.

Sandra May is currently in the Liberal Arts program at Hostos but hopes to transition into the Nursing program as early as next semester. She works with a variety of non-profit organizations on her own time and she has done considerable outreach as a member of the Hostos Leadership Academy’s Student Ambassador Program. She has also committed to doing over 100 hours of community service each semester that she has been part of the Hostos Student Leadership Academy.

Sandra May FlowersSandra May wants to work towards being a good steward of all the gifts, talents and opportunities entrusted to her and to serve, help and inspire others to achieve their goals. She believes that achievement comes through hard work. Among her many accomplishments; she has solicited over $45,000.00 worth of health gifts for community health organizations and health fairs.

Sandra May represented District 36 at the 2008 New York State Model Senate Session Project in Albany and sat in the seat of New York State Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson, who she later worked for as an intern. Sandra May wowed the entire group of participants and spectators with her impassioned plea to common sense; even throwing money on her desk to accentuate her point. (Sandra won a five hundred dollar award for an essay that she wrote about her position in the debate.)

Sandra May FlowersSandra has also worked as an intern for Congressman Charles Rangel and has been a featured presenter and participant at the NAACP Conferences in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2008 and New York in 2009, on the Health, Civic Engagement and Membership Committees of the Mid-Manhattan branch. (At the NAACP Conference in 2008, she was photographed with John McCain and appeared on the cover of USA Today Newspaper and in JET Magazine. And in 2009, she appeared with Governor David Patterson in Carib News.) She also took part in the Operation P.O.W.E.R. seminar series in Brooklyn, New York sponsored by City Councilmember Charles Barron.

Sandra May continues to study at Hostos, and is both a Hostos Student Ambassador and the President of the Ability Awareness club for 2009-2010.  She also has sat on a committee, as part of the CUNY Coalition for Student With Disabilities to discuss accessibility issues.

She was also the CUNY Leadership Award winner, along with Liliete Lopez for 2009.
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Sandra May Flowers has been elected  by the Hostos Community College Student Body to serve as the President of the Student Government Association for the Fall 2011-Spring 2012 school year.