Theudys Mejia-Perez
Liberal Arts and Science Major
Hostos Student Ambassador

Theudys Mejia-PerezTheudys was born in Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic. He arrived in the United States of America in August of 2006, (as a part of a group of extraordinarily talented students,) with a scholarship from the SEESCyT (Secretaria de Estado de Educacion Superior Ciencia y Tecnologia) to study at Hostos Community College and also to develop his language skills and his educational foundation to pursue a career in Computer Systems Technology. Theudys is scheduled to graduate from Hostos Community College in January 2010.

Theudys has been a member of the Hostos Leadership Academy’s Student Ambassador Program since spring of 2008. Although he considers himself a natural born leader, Theudys also believes that there is more that he needs to learn in order to be a great leader. Theudys has participated in a variety of leadership themed workshops and seminars and he was one of the individuals who initiated and then participated in a Leadership retreat to Windham Mountain, New York in the fall of 2008. Theudys was one of the first Ambassadors to attend and participate at the USHLI (United States Hispanic Leadership Institute)Northeast Regional Student Leadership Conference in Newark, New Jersey. He also attended the 2008 SOMOS El Futuro Conference in Albany, where he networked with local politicians and participated in Workshops on themes concerning Dominican in New York State and the United States of America.

Theudys Mejia-PerezHe is currently the Treasurer of the Adventure Club and has been a member of the Baseball Club. In the fall of 2009, Theudys appeared on the Dean's List with a GPA 3.86.

He is the recipient of the Circle of 100 Award from the Hostos Foundation and the 2008 Hostos Student Leadership Academy Leadership and Service Award. Theudys has been working as a tech tutor as a part of the Academic Computing Center (ACC) since spring 2008 and he also works occasionally as an usher in the Hostos Theater.


Theudys Mejia-PerezTheudys will be attending The New York City College of Technology in spring 2010 and studying for his Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Systems.

He and fellow Student Leadership Academy member, Patricia Ubiera-Guerrero (S.O.S. Team) have been a couple since November of 2007.

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