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New Student Academic Advisement

Transfer FAQs

  What steps must I complete before I can enroll for classes?

As a brand new incoming transfer student there are a few things you will have to complete before beginning the enrollment process. It is necessary for these items to be completed before you schedule you academic advisement and enrollment appointment. If you haven’t submitted an application click here to learn how. Click here to view the new student enrollment checklist.

  What is the unit transfer evaluation process?

Students may transfer units earned at other accredited colleges in the U.S. or outside the U.S., provided courses taken are comparable to those offered at Hostos Community College. The Unit Evaluator evaluates transfer units at the Admissions and Recruitment Office prior to or during the first semester of attendance. Units are given only for courses taken at institutions that are accredited by one of the regional accrediting commissions recognized by CUNY.

Units may be accepted if a grade of at least "C" was obtained. "D" grades from another CUNY college may be considered at the discretion of the academic department. Students seeking entry into the Nursing programs must adhere to departmental criteria. For specific questions about transferring units, contact Admissions at (718) 319-7900 or send an e-mail to: admissions@hostos.cuny.edu.

  What are the maximum number of units that can transfer?

The maximum number of units that can be transferred is 30.

  As a transfer student, am I required to take the CUNY Assessment Tests?

Advisement: Transfer FAQsStudents who are transferring from a college outside of CUNY must take the reading, writing, and mathematics skills assessment tests, unless otherwise exempted. Students transferring from another CUNY college must have their placement test results transmitted to the Office of Student Assessment through the University Application Processing Center (UAPC). Students transferring from another CUNY college may not retake placement tests not passed as part of the admissions process. All transfer students with a first language other than English must take the Hostos ESL placement test, regardless of any exemptions from testing they may have.

  I've completed all the pre-enrollment steps, what do I do now?

When you’ve completed all the pre-enrollment steps you can schedule an advisement and enrollment appointment with the Office of Academic Achievement by calling us at 718-518-4319 or visiting us at 120 E. 149th St., Savoy D-101, Bronx, New York 10451. Click here for directions to Hostos Community College.

If Hostos is your first choice CUNY college and you've taken the CUNY Assessment test, once your test results are generated (usually 2-3 weeks after test date), you’ll be contacted by phone, post-card and e-mail, to schedule an early advisement and registration appointment; however, prior to your appointment you must complete the steps in the new student registration checklist.

  What is the early advisement and enrollment process for new incoming
         *transfer* students

You will meet one-on-one with an Academic Advisor who will identify courses from your academic plan for your first semester.

After your advisement, you will be assisted by Caiman Advisors who, with the Schedule of Classes, will help  you  create a class schedule, and  assist  you in enrolling for  your  classes  via CUNY FIRST,  the  student enrollment system.

  What if I failed one or more of the CUNY Assessment tests?

Entering students who fail one or more of the CUNY Assessment Tests must take immediate steps to complete their remediation. Basic Skills Preparatory Workshops are delivered by the Hostos Academic Learning Center (HALC), and they are offered during the summer (June-August) and winter (January) to assist students prepare for the ACT Writing, Compass Reading and COMPASS Math I and II.

  How many units am I allowed to take my first semester?

We encourage entering freshmen and transfer students to take a full-time program of between 6 and 15 academic units. We set no minimum number of units you must take, but you may not enroll for more than 18 units. We strongly urge entering transfers not to work if you can avoid it. If you must work, work for as few hours as possible.

  I want to enroll for over 18 units – Do I need permission?

The maximum course load for a student is not to exceed 18 academic units or a combination of 18 academic and billable equivalent units. Science laboratories, clinical, and physical education courses will be counted as units; however, the student is still liable for the tuition. The Dean of Academic Affairs must approve exceptions to this 18-unit-maximum policy. A fee for accelerated study will be charged for students enrolled for units beyond the established College limit of 18 academic units per semester.

  I've completed the early advisement and enrollment process,
         what do I do next

  1. Advisement: Transfer FAQsVisit Financial Aid Office
    If you want to verify your financial aid package, or if you haven’t completed your financial aid application, visit the Financial Aid Office (at D-B112).
  2. Acquire your Hostos Photo ID
    You will need a Hostos Photo ID to enter into campus facilities. You must bring your official Bursar receipt to receive your ID. Visit Public Safety at (500 Grand Concourse, B-C042A, Basement) to have your new picture ID issued.
  3. Activate Hostos E-mail Account
    Hostos Community College has established e-mail accounts for all active students. Students are encouraged to use ONLY their Hostos e-mail accounts to support their Hostos activities, communicate with instructors, mentors, classmates, and various administrative offices. To activate your account go to www.hostos.cuny.edu/AccountLookup/Students.aspx
  4. Purchase Your Books
    You can purchase your books from the College Bookstore located in the first floor lobby of the east academic complex (450 Grand Concourse, C-Building).
  5. Go to class!
    View the Academic Calendar to find out the first day of class.

  I've already attended my advisement appointment and enrolled for classes
         but would like to change my schedule. What do I do

If you have already met with an academic advisor and enrolled for classes but wish to change your schedule, you will need to sign into your CUNY FIRST account. If you have forgotten the username to your CUNY FIRST account, click here to learn how to look it up.

  I've completed a summer/winter workshop, retaken and passed one or more
         of the CUNY Assessment tests, what do I do next

After completing a summer/winter workshop and passing one or more of the segments of the CUNY Assessment test, your course load needs to be adjusted so you take the appropriate college-level placement course(s) for your major. If you know the course(s) within your specific academic plan, you can sign into your CUNY Portal account, access e-SIMS, and modify your classes. Also, you can contact an advisor within the Office of Academic Achievement (718-518-4319) who can assist you with modifying your course load.

  How can I check my degree progress from home?

Degree Works is an easy to use, web-based degree audit and academic advisement tool intended to enhance the advisement process for students. Students can access their Degree Works account through the CUNY Portal and then click on Student Advisement/Degree Audit.


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