ACC Services

The ACC manages the open lab located at room C-595, C-598, smart rooms, instructional labs, laptops, multimedia carts and LCD as well as technical support for faculty members and students. The ACC has a well-trained staff in charge of maintaining the computers and equipments available at the center.

At the beginning of every semester, a standard operating system configuration and software is installed on all computers. Because all computers are in used 78 hours per week, it is very difficult to do maintenance during the semester. Emergency maintenance is performed during nights and weekends when the number of users is reduced. To avoid down time during the semesters, it is not possible to install software once the semester has started.

Academic Computing Center (ACC)The open lab cannot be reserved for classes; it is available to current students and alumni for general use. The open lab is located in room C-595 and provides 95 state of the art computers, three printers, a copy machine and 1 scanner.  Tutors are available whenever the computer lab is open to assist students with any technical issue they may encounter.  Although tutors at the open lab focus more in technical issues, they provide assistance with the use of the applications installed in the lab and online resources available to the students such as Hostos e-mail, Blackboard, e-sims, and online libraries.
Two well-trained staff members provide service to all students in the areas related to Blackboard and e-mail accounts. The Help Desk, located within the Open Lab is open Mondays thru Fridays from 7:45 am to 9:30 pm, and Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 am to 2:45 pm. The Help Desk also provides assistance over the phone with the exception of password-related problems due to students’ information privacy.  To contact the Help Desk at the Open Lab please dial 718-518-6622.   

With the introduction of new technology at the instructional labs and the creation of “smart rooms,” more classes are making use of the labs.  The interaction with smart boards, the projection capabilities and ability to play sounds and videos create the ultimate learning environment and expand the use of the labs beyond computer classes.  Everyday more business, English, math, science, and languages classes are using the computer labs and smart rooms.

Academic Computing Center (ACC)The Center also offers computers on wheels (COW).  ACC have 260 laptops, divided into 7 carts containing 30 laptops each and 2 carts containing 20 laptop each, plus 10 extras.  These COWs give us the ability to transform any classroom on campus into a modern computer lab.

ACC has increased the number of Multimedia Carts (also known as “carritos”).  We expanded from 3 to 9 Multimedia Carts (MMC).  Each cart consists of one laptop, one projector and speakers.  The MMCs are valuable tools for teachers and students making classes more entertaining and versatile.

3 LCD projectors are available for instructors who desire to bring their own computers and simply have the ability to project presentations and videos.

All the resources available at the Academic Computing Center with exception of the Open Lab must be reserved by faculty or staff members at Please see our frequently asked questions for more information or contact us at Tel. 718-518-6523.