Tech Resource Reservation System

Faculty members who wish to use the computer labs, computers on wheels, multimedia carts or any other equipment available at the ACC must create a reservation using the online reservation system. The reservations must be created at least 3 hours in advance, as they need to be approved. Our online system will notify the users of the status of their reservation.

Academic Computing Center (ACC)Computers on wheels will be delivered at the required rooms and a member of the ACC staff will distribute the laptops. The faculty/staff member making the reservation is responsible for the laptops after they are distributed.

Multimedia Carts will be delivered and pick up by a member of the ACC staff at the requested room.

Reservations are granted on first come, first served basis. Availability of labs may vary throughout the year based on the school's schedule, maintenance activities, etc.

You can only use your HOSTOS EMAIL username and password to access the reservation system. For assistance with your username and password please go to:

The reservation system can be accessed here: Computer Lab Reservation System