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Welcome Students to The Cooperative Education Program (Co-op)

Cooperative Education is a structured academic program designed to provide students with an opportunity to apply classroom studies to work experience related to major or career goals.

Cooperative Education Program Courses
Available for fall and spring semesters!

Consider registering for 1 or all Co-op courses and gain:

JOB READINESS SKILLS (resume, interview, co-op/job search)
WORK EXPERIENCE in your Career Field
ACADEMIC CREDIT to complete your degree

This course is designed to prepare students in setting personal and career goals; development of effective resumes, cover letters, interviewing skills, and job-search skills & strategies. Instruction will include legal and ethical considerations for Co-operative employment. This course will be graded pass/fail.

Tuesday 3:30PM- 4:30PM

COOP 102 PRACTICAL WORK EXPERIENCE I      1 CREDIT 10hrs./wk (140 total hrs. min.) This course is designed to provide students with entry-level work experience related to the field of study. Students will gain clarity of career goals and an understanding of workplace culture and workplace competencies. This course will be graded pass/fail.


Pre/Co: COOP 101 & Acceptance by the Cooperative Education Committee.

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Co-op Staff

Cooperative Education Coordinator
Yolanda Soto
(718) 518-4403

Field Experience Counselor
Dulce Toppenberg
(718) 518-4388

You must meet all pre-requisites to qualify and be in good academic standing.

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