Career Services Workshops

Come to our workshops in the following areas:

Workshops are offered throughout the fall and spring semesters.

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Orientation to Career Services:

An overview is presented of the services provided by the Career Services Office.  

Explore Your Career:
Topics include: "What can I do with a degree in ..... ?" where information will be provided to assist freshman students with choosing the right major and lay a framework to establish a sound career plan.

Portfolio Preparation (Resumes, Cover letters and Thank You Letters):
Designed to help you draft a resume for employment, volunteer opportunities and internships. A good how-to workshop for creating a professional portfolio which includes quality resume, cover letter, thank you letter, and reference list page.

Interviewing Techniques:
Students will be prepared for what to expect on an interview and what is expected of them. Managing and preventing anxiety on the interview will be discussed as well as appropriate responses to illegal and hard to answer questions.

Mock Interviews:
To prepare for the interview you may schedule an individual mock interview appointment with the Director of Career Services. Videotaped mock interviews may also be scheduled.

The Job Search:
To discuss job search techniques and tips for maximizing time and resources to land the job . Students will learn how to conduct an interactive job search by researching and establishing links to employers and forwarding your portfolio electronically via e-mail.

Job Fair Preparation:
Informational and instructional session on what to expect and how to put a best foot forward and get results! Professional etiquette and employer expectations are discussed.