Committee on Committees


Michael Gosset, Education
Julie Trachman, Natural Sciences

Lizette Colon, Counseling
Edward King, Allied Health Sciences
Mercedes Moscat, Transfer Services
Ana Ozuna, Humanities
Debasish Roy, Natural Sciences
K. Stern, SGA
O. Diaby, SGA


October 25, 2017  Minutes 
December 11, 2017 Minutes
December 21, 2017 Minutes
February 5, 2018 Minutes
March 19, 2018 Minutes
Yearly Committee Report 2017-2018

Committee Mandate



A. Membership:

1. The Committee on Committees shall be composed of nine (9) Senate members, including two (2) student members and one (1) member from the non-teaching instructional staff, elected by the members of the Senate.

2. Student members will be elected every year at the first meeting of the Senate. Other members will be elected at the first meeting of each newly formed Senate.

B. Function:

1. To assign members from different College constituencies to the specific Senate standing committees before the second meeting of the Senate for the academic year.

2. To determine the number of members to be assigned to each committee, unless otherwise specified in the Charter of Governance.

3. To advise all Senate Committees in the development of internal operating procedures and to submit these procedures to the Senate for approval.

4. To consider and resolve issues relating to membership status and replacement of any committee member.

5. To disseminate information about opportunities for service on all standing and ad-hoc committees.

6. To maintain current lists of membership in all Senate Committees.

7. To maintain a file of the minutes of all Standing Committee meetings."