Summer: CLIP Instructors

To: C.L.I.P. Instructors
From: Payroll Department
Date: May 17, 2016
Re: Summer 2016 Payroll Schedule

Below is an outline of the Summer Pay Schedule for all C.L.I.P teaching instructors. Adhering to the guidelines for processing adjunct payrolls, summer pay for C.L.I.P instructors will be prorated over five (5) pay periods.

Each paycheck will be computed at 1/5th of the total hours submitted on the Personnel Action Request Form. However, it may be necessary to adjust the last paycheck in order to reconcile hours paid with actual hours submitted on timesheets. 

Although biweekly paychecks will not be based on hours submitted on timesheets, it is imperative that the timesheets schedule below is strictly followed to indicate that the class is being covered. Checks will not be released until the timesheet is received in the Payroll Office.

06/17/16	06/14/16 – 06/18/16	1/5th	06/14/16
07/01/16	06/19/16 – 06/25/16	1/5th	06/28/16
07/15/16	06/26/16 – 07/09/16	1/5th	07/12/16
07/29/16	07/10/16 – 07/23/16	1/5th	07/26/16
08/12/16	07/24/16 – 08/09/16	1/5th	08/09/16

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