Non-IT Issued Mobile Device Use for Hostos Email

Personal Mobile Device Use for Hostos Email Policy

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The Information Technology Department permits the use of IT Approved mobile devices only for the receipt, transmission and storage of Hostos emails. The associated costs and guidelines for the use of such devices are detailed below.

(Note: Non-IT Issued Mobile Device is defined as a mobile communications handset which has not been provided by the Hostos Community College IT Department)

Supported Devices

  • Currently only RIM Blackberry handsets are supported for wireless synchronization of email with the Hostos Email Servers.

  • Other manufactures, PDA’s or Smartphones are not supported and will not be permitted to synchronize with Hostos Email Servers.


  • There is an initial as well as annual recurring cost of $150.00 that covers licensing costs for the device. This will have to be reimbursed to the Business Office

  • All voice and data charges incurred are the responsibility of the owner of the device and not Hostos Community College

  • It is recommended that the voice plan selected with your wireless carrier of choice includes an unlimited data plan

Terms and Conditions

  • The IT Department is only responsible for enabling your approved personal mobile device for the receipt/delivery of Hostos email services by connecting it to our server, and not for any wireless service provider technical or network issues that would prevent transmission of the same. All such issues must be resolved directly with your wireless carrier

  • The IT Department is not responsible for any hardware issues with your personal mobile device.

  • All email on your handheld is the property of Hostos Community College. As a result, in the event of loss or theft of the unit, the IT Department must be immediately notified and the contents of your handheld will be erased completely remotely

  • It is recommended that you separate your Hostos Outlook contacts and your personal mobile contacts by storing the latter on your device memory and not in the Outlook contacts.

  • If you are utilizing your personal mobile device for email other than Hostos Email, it must be set up as separate and distinct mailboxes on your device and cannot be merged. Sending of official email must also be from a Hostos email account only.

I understand and agree to all of the above conditions for the use of my personal mobile device to send/receive Hostos email.

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Last Updated: 6/1/09