Student Technology Fee Plan

For Fiscal Year 2013-2014, Hostos Community College plans to utilize the Student Tech Fee to continue the efforts of the previous years, expand upon successful projects, and initiate new projects to increase student access to current and future technology.

This year, the Tech Fee advisory committee has agreed to maintain and/or expand existing resources for current long- term projects. These items include increasing the library's electronic resources; improving services for students with disabilities with new equipment; continued support for the ePortfolio program; providing electronic tools for student success in mathematics and the natural sciences; support for SDEM retention initiatives, and supporting the computer labs, student technology workshops, and faculty development. Technical support personnel continue to assist students and faculty, and to maintain hardware and infrastructure, while working to reduce personnel costs and consumables- related expenses.

Several notable items were not included in this plan, but will receive alternative funding. Reusable dental imaging sensors and a radiographic phantom will be purchased for our Dental and Radiologic Technology Allied Health programs. 60 TI-8 graphing calculators will be procured to meet a growing demand by students that are enrolled in mathematics courses, especially those in engineering programs. Several additional items will be funded for the Media Design Program. 35 Dell laptops—10 for the Laptop Loan Program and 25 for classroom use—will be purchased for the library. Additionally,while a full-time position—the Integration of Technology staff member in Educational Technology—had been funded through the Technology Fee Plan in the past, this item has been moved out of the Technology Fee Plan and will be funded by the Academic Affairs operating budget starting FY2013-2014.