Learning Outcomes

The goals of the Office of Academic Achievement are outlined through learning outcome statements which reflect what you will learn through your engagement with the unit. The outcomes are intended to sufficiently prepare you for your academic career at Hostos, and provide life-long professional and personal skills and habits.

The learning outcome statements provide a foundation for the unit in delivering student services and other programmatic initiatives. They are categorized into the four core functional activities of the unit.

New Student Academic Advisement and Enrollment

  • Students will understand their placement courses and the requirements of their academic plan.
  • Students will learn how to select the classes they need to graduate.
  • Students will learn the enrollment process and how to enroll for classes on their own.

New Student Support and OutreachLearning Outcomes

  • Students will learn how to manage their own academic progression to graduate or transfer from Hostos.
  • Students will learn techniques and habits to achieve academic success.
  • Students will learn how to develop links with faculty, student support staff and the college community.

Probation Student Advisement

  • Students will learn why they are on academic probation.
  • Students will learn college policies and procedures regarding academic probation.
  • Students will develop a plan, and learn academic and self-management skills to transition from academic probation towards good academic standing.