Consultants & Honorarium Payments

Many sponsored programs require the use of a consultant to compete the work. Consultants can be paid in different ways. The classification of an individual in the appropriate category is very important. To ensure that the individual qualifies as a consultant please review the Research Foundation’s Independent Contractor Agreement General Information and Review Process at

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
MOUs can be used to pay a consultant less than $5,000.

Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA)
ICAs can be used to pay a consultant more than $5,000.
Please refer to the MOU and ICA Research Foundation Policy for more information.

An honorarium is a one-time payment made to non-Foundation employees. Please refer to the Research Foundation policy at
Memorandum: Guidance on Payments to CUNY Employees

Required Documents
Memorandum of Understanding ICA HONORARIUM
• Payment Request
• Form RF 804
• Scope of work
• W-9 Form
• List of clients
• Invoice
• Schedule of Payments (if more than one)
• Payment Request
• I.C.A. (Form RF 803)
• Scope of Work
• W-9 Form
• List of clients
• Schedule of payments (if more than one)
• Payment Request
• W-9 if over $600
• A flyer of the event with the presenters name

Please note that ALL MOU’s and ICA’s must now be submitted via the RF’s Contract Manager system: