Administrative Roles


Christine Mangino
Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs


Felix Cardona
Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs


Amaris Matos, Ext. 6858                                                      
Director of Academic Affairs
Primary Responsibilities: Budget, HR Actions, Division Processes,         Registration

Sarah Brennan, Ext. 6753                                                    
Executive Associate to the Provost   
Primary Responsibilities: Student Complaints, Assessment, Title V Professional Development, Communication and Correspondence         

Suzette Quintana, Ext. 6668
Office Manager and Workload Specialist
Patricia De La Hoz-Pena, Ext. 6663
Academic Matters Assistant
Mariela Olivier, Ext. 6899
Workload and Travel Assistant
Shimyia Sinclair, Ext. 6708
Communications Coordinator/ Provost's Scheduler

OAA Responsibilities
Chancellor’s Report: Patricia    
Faculty Dining Room: Shimyia
College Wide P&B: Suzette     
Faculty Schedules: Mariela
OAA Conference Room: Mariela/ Patricia
Fellowship Applications: Suzette
Correspondence for Provost: Shimyia      
Metropolitan Orders: Patricia
Course Schedule Submission: Mariela
Multiple Positions: Suzette
CV Forms: Suzette   
Promotion Applications: Suzette
*Dean Cardona’s Calendar: Mariela
*Provost’s Calendar: Shimyia
Events Calendar: Shimyia   
Release Time Information: Suzette
Faculty Absence Report: Mariela               
Syllabi: Patricia
Travel Request: Mariela Waivers: Student Waivers: Patricia
               Adjunct Waivers: Suzette


OAA Organizational Chart