Message Board: An Interactive Discussion Forum for Venting and Reinventing

This is the place where Hostos Success Academy members can “vent” as they learn to “reinvent” themselves.

Find a way to discuss the following:

  1. Personal Resolutions – Explain how you plan to face the challenges of being a student while working against the current of all your other personal responsibilities.
  2. Specific Course ChallengesShare what you will do when you see that you need help in a particular course.
  3. Learning Community Membership Consider how you will take advantage of the learning community structure of the Hostos Success Academy, which will give you the opportunity to work with other students on class projects and general study initiatives.
  4. Miscellaneous Items – Determine how you will deal with other issues that may be of concern to you as you embark upon this new learning venture.

You will find voices of the Hostos Success Academy community here, voices that will resonate with your own inner voice and that will help you to build a true coping mechanism as you make every effort to pursue your dream.

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