Peer Mentors

Only your fellow students who have already “been there” can understand the obstacles that now stand in your way.  They have been able to overcome these obstacles and follow the path to success. 

Because they can tell you “like it is,” and they are eager to share their experiences with you, these peer mentors are your true mentors.  Call on them, and they will respond to you with vigor.

You can get in touch with these individuals by contacting Mr. Edwin Manzzo, at or 718-518-6507, or Professor Robert F. Cohen, at or 718-518-6592.

Peer Mentor Entering Class     Major
Angel Gueits** Fall 2006 Liberal Arts
Yenkis Mata Fall 2006 Accounting
Wanda Rivera Fall 2006 Liberal Arts
Ermal Zolli* Fall 2006 Business/Technology
Viola Burgess ** Spring 2007 Gerontology
Noemi Diaz Spring 2007 Education
Johnathan Duperoy    Spring 2007 Radiology
Leslie Iscoa Spring 2007 Biology/Chemistry
Cinthia Ledesma Spring 2007 Business
Angel Mercado Spring 2007 Theater/Acting
Felix Peña Spring 2007 Criminal Justice
Bien Pocorni Spring 2007 Biology/Chemistry
Jose Rodriguez Spring 2007 Microcomputers
Juan Rodriguez Spring 2007 Business
Aneudys Vizcaino Spring 2007 Criminal Justice
Irving Abbott Fall 2007 Counseling
Johnny Andujar Fall 2007 Counseling
Omaira Lopez Fall 2007 Liberal Arts
Jou-an Pepin Fall 2007 Liberal Arts
Nathaly Rodriguez Fall 2007 Liberal Arts
James Yquilima Fall 2007 Education
David Brown Spring 2008 Radiology
Yap Chew Spring 2008 Biology/Chemistry
Dramane Coulibaly Spring 2008 Liberal Arts
Snider Mata Spring 2008 Accounting
Emil Graves*** Fall 2008 Liberal Arts
Gabrielle Greenaway Fall 2008 Education
Jason Rivera Fall 2008 Web Design
Wilfredo Villanueva Fall 2008 Liberal Arts
Juan Wagner Fall 2008 Liberal Arts
Luis Fabián Lorenzo Spring 2009 Liberal Arts

*First Hostos Success Academy Graduate:  Received degree in January 2009
**Graduated from Hostos in June 2009
***Admitted into the Global Scholars Program in Fall 2009