Program Description


The Hostos Success Academy is a year-long program for first-year students, created in Fall 2006 by the Office of Academic Affairs in response to CUNY Vice Chancellor Selma Botman’s call for a “Campaign for Success.” It gives students majoring in the Liberal Arts and different Career Programs the support they need to meet the demands of their college courses and to prepare for the English and math qualifying exams (COMPASS/ACT). Through students' participation in this learning community, they become members of an immediate "family" within the greater Hostos community. This interdisciplinary program includes all kinds of guidance, mentoring, and tutoring opportunities which foster great academic and personal growth.

So What is This About?

Students study in a small learning community, form their own study groups, and gain a thorough introduction to college resources.


Open to first-semester students who still need to pass the ACT Writing and/or Reading exam.

Potential applicants should contact:

Professor Robert F. Cohen,
Director, Hostos Success Academy
Phone: (718) 518-6592 or 6602