New Freshman/Transfer Student Registration Check List

In order to register for courses for any given semester you must have completed the following:

*  Filed an on-line application and been officially admitted to the college (i.e. paid application process fee (if applicable), submitted official high school transcripts and diploma or GED scores and diploma and college transcripts for transfer students and received an acceptance letter. If you have not been officially admitted to the college or are in doubt about being in admitted, drop by the Admissions Satellite at 500 Grand Concourse at 149th St - room 102 during normal business hours (see office hours).

*  Tested or be in compliance with the CUNY testing requirement (i.e. if you tested at another CUNY college we can use those test results). If you have not tested or are in doubt about being in compliance, drop by the Admissions Office at 500 Grand Concourse at 149th St during normal business hours.

*  Submitted proof of (2) measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccination doses or a blood test stating immunity to MMR and complete the Meningitis response form on CUNYfirst - Please drop off proof of immunization to the Wellness office located in the "C" building, 450 Grand Concourse at 149th St - room 375. Please call 718-518-4483 or email for questions or concerns. The instructions to complete the Meningitis form can be found here.

*  Submitted proof of residency. In order to be charged the lower tuition and receive financial aid (if you qualify), you must file a residency verification application and submit the appropriate documentation (i.e. birth certificate if born in the U.S., 2010 tax forms, etc.). If you have not filed your residency verification application or submitted proof of residency, drop by the Savoy Admissions Office at 120 East 149 St. (corner of Walton Avenue) in room D-210 during normal business hours. You can also call for a status check at (718) 518-4439.

*  Filed for financial aid if needed and if you qualify. The Financial Aid Office is located at 120 E. 149 St (Corner of Walton Avenue), Basement or call (718) 518-6555 to speak with a Financial Aid Counselor (see office hours).

*  Filled out a commitment Form. Drop by the Admissions Office during normal business hours or click here.