Study Abroad Program

Study Abroad Program provide opportunities for CUNY students, faculty, and staff to increase their understanding of the history, culture, and language of other communities and countries throughout the world. They help to create an institutional environment that promotes respect for cultural and linguistic differences. Furthermore, they cultivate skills that will prepare participants to compete in the global economy.

Since 1992, Hostos Community College and Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD) have collaborated in a series of very successful academic exchange programs involving both faculty and students. In 1998, this institution entered into an academic exchange agreement with Interamerican University in San Germán, Puerto Rico. Hostos' other partners in academic exchanges include universities in Puerto Rico, Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Spain, and Universidad de la Habana in Cuba.

For more information contact Ana I. Garcia Reyes at (718) 518-4313, or visit the office in Room A-314.

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