Book Voucher and Pell Advance Process

You have a choice in how to utilize your remaining Pell award to purchase your books and/or other school materials.  Please read carefully and follow the directions below.

  • You can receive a Book Voucher deposited for use at the Hostos College Book Store (Barnes & Noble)


  • You can receive a Pell Advance which will be deposited to your CUNY pre-paid card, direct deposited to your bank account, or by check mailed to your house, so you can purchase your books and/or other school materials at any location.

How does the Pell Book Payment work?

To be Eligible for the Pell Book Advance or Book Voucher Students MUST

  • Have filed a FAFSA and be eligible for the Pell Grant
  • Have remaining Pell Grant funds of at least $50 after tuition and fee charges are met.
  • Meet the deadlines.

You can only choose one option between receiving a Pell advance and using your remaining funds at the bookstore.  If you choose the option to receive a Pell advance, you will only receive one check.  The second disbursement date is for those students who did not meet the deadline to receive a check by the 1st disbursement date.

Act now to ensure you can buy your books before classes begin.  Remember to keep your book receipts because you may be eligible for a tax credit up to $2,500 for the cost of your textbooks.