New York State World Trade Center Memorial Scholarship

The World Trade Center Memorial Scholarship guarantees access to a college education for the families and financial dependents of innocent victims who died or were severely and permanently disabled as a result of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States of America and rescue and recovery efforts.

Who Is Eligible?

  • Children, spouses and financial dependents of deceased or severely and permanently disabled victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States or the subsequent rescue and recovery operations. This includes victims at the World Trade Center site, Pentagon or on flights 11, 77, 93, or 175 and,
  • Survivors of the terrorist attacks who are severely and permanently disabled as a result of injuries sustained in the attacks or rescue and recovery operations.

How To Apply

Print a copy of the New York State World Trade Center Memorial Scholarship Application and submit it with the necessary documentation to: HESC Scholarship Unit, 99 Washington Ave., Albany, NY 12255. A description of the required documentation is included in the application instructions. Once eligibility has been established, the student must submit an application for payment by May 1 of the academic year for which payment of the scholarship is sought. Application for payment is made by filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the Express TAP Application (ETA).

Eligibility Requirements

Effective immediately and retroactive for the 2001-2002 academic year, undergraduate students who are full time and matriculated in an approved program in New York State and meet requirements for the receipt of New York State grants and scholarships are eligible. Recipients need not be New York State residents or U. S. citizens to receive the scholarship.

Note: New York State resident family members who were enrolled in undergraduate colleges or universities located outside of New York State on Sept. 11, 2001 are also eligible for scholarship payment at that school.

Award Amount

World Trade Center Memorial Scholarships provide funds to help meet the cost of attending college. The award covers up to four years of full-time undergraduate study (or five years in an approved five-year bachelor's degree program) and includes the following components:

  • At a public college or university (SUNY or CUNY): actual tuition and mandatory educational fees; actual room and board charged to students living on campus or an allowance for room and board for commuter students; and allowances for books, supplies and transportation.
  • At a private institution: an amount equal to SUNY four-year college tuition and average mandatory educational fees (or the student's actual tuition and fees, whichever is less) and allowances for room and board, books, supplies and transportation.

In all cases, the total of all aid received by the recipient cannot exceed the student's cost of attendance.

Award Payment

Payment will be made to the school on behalf of students upon certification of eligibility.

For additional information and applications, you may contact HESC’s Grants and Scholarships Unit at the address and telephone number listed below.

New York State Higher Education Services Corporation
99 Washington Avenue
· Albany, New York 12255 · (888) NYS-HESC