War on Terrorism Scholarship

The War on Terrorism Scholarship is available to students whose parent or spouse was killed while serving in the military and fighting the war on terrorism. The scholarship, along with the New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) grant, provides full tuition at CUNY. The award is available for up to four years of undergraduate study (five years in certain five-year baccalaureate programs). All recipients of the scholarships are required to submit the FAFSA and must apply for TAP.

To qualify, the student must have a special application and the following documentation from the Department of Defense:

  • The parent or spouse was killed in a combat zone that was part of the war on terrorism or related action as part of Operation Enduring Freedom
  • The parent or spouse killed was a New York State resident at the time of military service

The applicant must also submit either a birth certificate or a marriage certificate to document the relationship to the deceased service member.

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