Accelerated Study

Students can receive an additional term award for attending an additional study term beyond the regular program of study for the academic year. Students can also receive an additional award for half-time summer attendance. At CUNY, the summer term is always the accelerated term and the term evaluation process includes both full-time and part-time summer term enrollment. Accelerated half-time study requires being enrolled for at least six but fewer than 12 credit hours (with a minimum of three real credits). Additionally, to receive an award for halftime accelerated study, the student must have been enrolled as a full-time student in an approved program of study in New York State during the preceding spring term or the next fall term.

In order to be eligible for either a full-time or a half-time award for an accelerated term beginning after January 1, 2007, the student must complete 24 credits at the college of summer attendance in the prior two semesters. These credits may be earned in any combination (i.e., 12 + 12, 6 + 18, etc.). Up to three (3) credits in each of the prior two semesters can be non-credit remedial hours.

Progress criteria for an accelerated award are based upon the same criteria as eligibility for any academic year semester. This means that for an accelerated payment, a student must have achieved in the prior semester both the academic progress and program pursuit standards stipulated on the good academic standing chart for receipt of a “next award.”

Eligibility for an award for accelerated study does not increase a student’s maximum award entitlement under TAP. TAP is still limited to 4 years at the undergraduate level and/or 4 years at the graduate level.

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