Transfer Students

Number of Previous Payments
In assessing the financial aid record of a transfer student, a receiving college must determine the number of payments a student has previously received, and whether or not a student has used a waiver. The Higher Education Services Corporation provides payment and waiver information on the payment roster. A college must make the determination as to where to place a transfer student on the progress chart. It can either place the student at the level of credit (defined here as the number of credits assigned by the new college) or at the level corresponding to the number of payments that the student has already received. The choice is determined according to which of the two options would most benefit an individual student. The point where a student is placed on the Good Academic Standing chart and the actual number of payments a student has received may not line up. For a transfer student, as for a student who has received a waiver, the headings in the top row of the progress chart might more appropriately be read as next payment instead of first, second, third, etc. Once placed on the chart, either by virtue of starting at step one or higher, a student must meet the appropriate program pursuit and academic progress standards to maintain eligibility each semester.

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