Fall 2018


Sunday, August 26 Last day to file ePermit request
Monday, August 27 CLASSES BEGIN
Last day to drop for 100% tuition refund
Late Registration ($25.00 Fee) & Change of Program ($18.00 Fee)
Sunday, September 2 Last day to drop for 75% tuition refund
Financial Aid Certification Enrollment Status Date
Last Day to Drop without grade of “WD”
Last day to add/change a course
Monday, September 3 Drop Withdrawal (WD) period begins:  A grade of ‘WD’ is assigned to students who officially drop a course
Verification of Enrollment Rosters (VOE) available to faculty
Monday, September 3 College is Closed – No Classes Scheduled
Wednesday, September  5 Classes follow Monday schedule
Sunday, September 9 Last day to drop for 50% tuition refund
September 10-11
No Classes Scheduled
Sunday, September 16 Last day to drop for 25% tuition refund
Drop Withdrawal (WD) period ends
Last day to Drop without the grade of “W”
Last day to change or declare a major to be effective Fall 2018
Census Date
Verification of Enrollment (VOE) Rosters due from faculty
Monday, September 17 Course withdrawal period begins; a grade of “W” is assigned to     students who officially withdrew from a course (Sept. 17 – Nov. 6)
“WN” Grades assigned
September 18-19
No Classes Scheduled
Wednesday, September 26 WA Grades assigned- Immunization noncompliance
Monday, October 8 College is Closed – No Classes Scheduled
Tuesday, November 6 Course withdrawal period ends.
Last day to withdraw from a course with a grade of  “W”
Wednesday, November 7 Last day to apply for Graduation:
        January 2019:    Fall 2018 Term
        February 2019:  Winter 2019 Session
Thursday- Sunday,
November 22-25
College is Closed – No Classes Scheduled
Wednesday, December 12 Last day of classes
Deadline for Completion of Incomplete (INC) grades for: Winter /Spring 2018 semester and Summer 2018 sessions
Thursday, December 13 Reading Day
Friday, December 14 Friday Final Examinations
ESL Department Examinations
Saturday – Friday, December 15-21 Final Examinations
Friday, December 21 Final Examination Make-up Day
End of Fall Term
December 24 –25
College is Closed
Friday, December 28 Grades Due
Monday, December 31 College is Closed
Tuesday, January 1, 2019 College is Closed
Friday, May 31, 2019 Commencement

Revised: 10/29/18
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Check the Registrar's Office website www.hostos.cuny.edu/oor for the most updated information.