Students are expected to attend all class meetings in the courses for which they are registered. Classes begin at the times indicated in the official schedule of classes. Arrival in class after the scheduled starting time constitutes lateness.

The maximum number of absences is limited to 15% of the number of scheduled class hours per semester, and a student absent more than the indicated 15% is deemed excessively absent. Attendance is monitored from the first official day of classes. In the case of excessive absences or lateness, the instructor has the right to lower the grade, assign a failing grade, or assign additional written work or readings.

Absences due to late registration, change of program, or extenuating circumstances, will be considered on an individual basis by the instructor.

Each department and program may specify in writing a different attendance policy.

Instructors are required to keep an official record of student attendance and inform each class of the College or department attendance policy.


  • Any work missed during any period of absence must be made up by the student.
  • To meet financial aid criteria, a student must attend class at least once in the first three weeks and once in either the fourth or fifth week of class.