Transcripts & Certified Statements

To secure a transcript, students must complete a Transcript Request Form. Forms are available online and in the Office of the Registrar. A $7.00 fee is charged for transcripts. The fee is waived for transcripts sent to units of The City University of New York.

Transcripts, whether for transfer, employment, or any other reason, are never sent automatically. Each transcript must be specifically requested in order to safeguard the privacy of each student's official records from unauthorized review.

Certified statements, required for such things as proving current or past attendance, may be obtained without charge upon filing and application available from the Office of the Registrar. In addition, an official transcript of a student's academic record can be forwarded to any institution or agency if the student submits a written request to the Registrar's Office two weeks before the transcript is needed. Official transcripts bear the College seal and signature of the Registrar, and are not issued to students or alumni.

To order a transcript online, click here.


Note: The College reserves the right to withhold all information on the record of any student who has not fulfilled financial and other responsibilities to the College.