Hostos Success Academy

The Hostos Success Academy is a year-long program for first-year students.   It gives them the support they need to meet the demands of their college courses.  As members of this learning community, students work with Hostos teachers, tutors, peer mentors, and staff who help them to prepare for the English and math qualifying examinations and move forward with confidence through the sequence of college courses required for their selected fields.

The Hostos Success Academy becomes students’ immediate “family” within the greater Hostos extended family.  Through their participation in this interdisciplinary program, which is supplemented with all kinds of guidance, mentoring, and tutoring opportunities, students benefit from great academic and personal growth, and the spirit of “SUCCESS” becomes synonymous with their names!
The Hostos Success Academy will be the home for three incoming groups of first-semester students and one group of continuing second-semester students. 

The students of the first-semester cohorts will have a five-course workload that will yield academic credits in courses required in a variety of liberal arts and professional programs (e.g. accounting, business management, dental hygiene, early childhood education, nursing, paralegal studies, and radiologic technology).  These courses are Developmental English (ENG 089), Fundamentals of Public Speaking (VPA 192), Introduction to Sociology (SOC 101), College Orientation (SSD 1000), and the Academy’s First-year Seminar. 

The students of the continuing second-semester cohorts will take at least one course in common:  General Psychology (PSY 101).  They will be enrolled in programs tailored to meet their individual needs in English, math, and other disciplines.

These learning communities have been designed to give students the “push” they need to embark successfully on their college careers.

If you are interested in becoming an Academy member, see Professor Robert F. Cohen, the Director of the Hostos SuccessAcademy.  You can make an appointment to see him in B-529 by writing to him at or calling him at 718-518-6592 or 718-518-6507.