Procedures for CUNY Students to File an e-Permit Request

The City University of New York has put in place an e-Permit system designed to help students find, get approval for, and register for courses at other CUNY colleges. Faculty advisors at the student's home college must approve request to take a course on permit at another CUNY college. Through e-Permit, students can file an online request and it will be processed online. Students are kept informed of the progress of their permit request throughout the approval process. If a request is rejected, a student will be notified electronically of the reason for the disapproval. To access e-Permit, students should go to the CUNY homepage ( and click the "Log In" button at the left. Once on the University homepage, students initially will have to register for a Portal ID and Password, by clicking on "Register" and following the directions. Once registered and logged in, students will find themselves on their own "My Page," that has a link to the e-Permit system prominently displayed.

Grades for courses taken on permit at another CUNY college are posted to students' records and are counted in the computation of a student's GPA (effective, Fall 2004).

Note: Students receiving a failing grade (WU, F) under no circumstances will benefit from theF-grade policy.

Through the e-Permit website, students can find listing and descriptions of courses at all CUNY colleges. The CUNY online schedule of classes, accessible through the e-Permit site, enables students to easily determine whether a selected course is being offered in that semester, whether it fits into the student's schedule, and whether seats are still available. Students are encouraged to use the e-Permit application by login on to



If you request an e-Permit, you MUST:

Prior to submitting your e-Permit request:

  • Pass all of your Placement Tests (for Senior colleges)
  • Have a GPA of 2.0 or above
  • See your academic advisor
  • Clear all STOPS
  • Activate your Hostos e-mail account (you will receive e-Permit updates via e-mail)

Once your e-permit is approved:

  • BURSAR at Hostos
  • REGISTER at the host college
  • Present your Hostos Bursar’s receipt to the host college Bursar

Prior to the first day of classes:

  • Cancel via the online e-Permit system any e-Permits you do not want to take at the host college, AND
  • Drop the e-Permit course(s) at the host college and the PERM course(s) at Hostos

Once classes begin:

  • Bring proof of registration or drop/withdrawal for each e-Permit
  • Adhere to the withdrawal deadlines at BOTH the host college and Hostos, which may differ

Between the 3rd and 5th week of classes:

  • Bring the Hostos Registrar’s Office an enrollment certification letter from your host college showing the courses you are taking there

Office of the Registrar, Hostos Community College/CUNY
For more information, contact Laurel N. Huggins, Associate Registrar at: or 718/518-4415