Title IV Appeals

What is a Title IV Appeal?
  • A Title IV Appeal is an option available to students who fail to maintain academic progress for federal student aid.  An appeal provides an opportunity for a student to demonstrate that their failure to achieve the required GPA and/or credits was due to unusual circumstances such as medical reason.  Included in the appeal are documents that substantiate the student’s statements and reasons for their poor academic performance.
Why do I have to file a Title IV appeal?
  • You were unable to maintain satisfactory academic progress toward the completion of a degree program to receive Federal Student Aid (also known as Title IV), which is TAP and PELL. 
  • You were unable to achieve the minimum GPA required for probationary status.
What is the appeal process?
  1. Student submits the personal statement and academic plan online to the Title IV Standards Committee at academicappeals@hostos.cuny.edu.
  1. Personal Statement – In a paragraph or more, explain the unusual circumstances.  Please be as detailed as possible.  “Personal issues” is not detailed enough to be considered a viable reason/unusual circumstance.
  2. Academic Plan – In a paragraph or more, a plan of action identifying the steps to be taken for improving academic performance by answering the following:
    1. How has your situation improved or changed?
    2. What actions are you taking to prevent the situation you were faced with from reoccurring? 
    3. What actions do you plan to take this semester to improve your studies?
    4. Approximately how many credits do you have left to graduate?
    5. How do you pay for your studies: (Financial Aid, Yourself, Reimbursement?)  If using financial aid such as TAP and Pell, have you applied?
  3. Medical/other necessary documents (if applicable) to support the appeal.  These documents can be submitted in person so that copies of the documents can be made.
    NOTE: The Personal Statement and Academic Plan should be two separate documents.
  1. The Committee reviews the appellant’s case and determines if the student will benefit from the approval of an appeal.
  2. The Committee sends its decision to the Office of Financial Aid for final review.
Once documents are submitted, how long will it take to get a response?
  • When the documents are received, you will receive a confirmation email with further details and instructions about the next steps.  It will take minimally one (1) week to complete the appeal process.
  • Any questions, you can contact our office at (718) 518-6554/6557.
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