As we continue to process the overwhelming information on the devastation that nature has wreaked on the homelands of so many that represent our College community, Hostos and our partners in the community have recognized that many of us are looking for ways that we can contribute our time, treasure and talent to ease the suffering of our brothers and sisters in need. Given the vast array of organizations that have already initiated relief efforts, we thought that one major way we could contribute our talent was by developing an on-line guide to legitimate charities, volunteer organizations, and activities that will help bring sorely needed relief to those suffering throughout the Caribbean, Latin America, and the southern United States.

This guide will be organized in a number of ways – by region, country, discipline, etc. – to create as many means of giving and participating as possible. As we continue to collate the many initiatives that have been undertaken by local, national and international organizations, we expect to soon provide you with an accurate, useful, and reliable source of information on how you can direct your energies to the efforts that best help those who so sorely need it.

In addition, we will be collaborating with a number of organizations including, but not limited to, Comité Noviembre, Hispanic Federation, ACACIA Network, Pregones, Catholic Charities, the Office of the Mayor, the Office of the Bronx Borough President, our other elected officials, the PSC, and numerous other community partners.

We will be announcing all activities sponsored by students, faculty and staff here at Hostos.  Our institution was founded to help those in need.  We have never shirked that responsibility and, shoulder to shoulder with our community leaders, we will not shirk it now.

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