Left to right – Clara Albino, Fanny Dumancela, Dianna Vargas, Professor Sandy Figueroa, Dolly Martinez, Nydia R. Edgecombe.
Thursday, October 24, 2013 (Bronx, NY) - On October 4, the Hostos Chair and two Co-Coordinators of the CUNY Campaign for Voluntary Charitable Giving—Dolly Martínez, Nydia R. Edgecombe, and Diana Kiselyuk, respectively—accepted a trophy and two other awards for the 2012 Campaign, which brought in $51,041. Over $38,000 (approximately 75 percent of the total) went to three Hostos charities: The Hostos Foundation, The Alumni Circle of 100, and the Children’s Center.
At the Awards Ceremony and Kickoff for the 2013 Campaign, Hostos received the Goal Buster Award and the Highest Achiever Award (for the most money raised CUNY-wide), as well as the trophy for Highest Increase in Employee Participation. Speaking for the College, Martínez gratefully acknowledged the efforts of her two Co-Coordinators, Edgecombe and Kiselyuk, and the Campaign Captains: Clara Albino, Sandy Figueroa, Cynthia Jones, Idelsa Méndez, and Peter Mertens: “They are the real soul of this Campaign, because they are emissaries of good will who encourage others to give to those in our community who are in great need.”
The 2013 Campaign was launched on October 17 at a meeting of the College Senate. On this occasion, Nydia R. Edgecombe urged the college community to come together again in support of those who are less fortunate, including Hostos students.
Hostos employees can fill out their contribution form online by logging onto https://www.giveattheoffice.org/_cuny
Paper forms can also be filled out with the Campaign Captains in each division.
If you would like to contribute to an Hostos charity, below are the corresponding codes you will need on your form:
Alumni Circle of 100  13562 
Children’s Center  13563
Hostos Foundation 13564 
Hostos banner

Thank you for your continued support!