Eugenio artwork

It is not enough to impart knowledge, you must teach how to acquire it; it is not enough to teach constructed
  knowledge, you have to teach how to construct it; it is not enough to submit yourself and to submit your teaching to a method, you have to teach how to use it.  In a word, it is not enough to teach to know; you have to teach how to reason.

—Eugenio María de Hostos


Hostos Community College has been committed to social justice from the moment its doors opened in 1968. This week we honor Eugenio María de Hostos 180th birthday (Friday, January 11, 1839) because we have striven since day one to carry on the same ideals and passions as Don Eugenio.

His birthday offers us the opportunity to hear from the man himself, through the work of retired Professor Orlando José Hernández and his book, Eugenio María de Hostos 50 Aphorisms/50 AforísmosThis labor of love is a collection of the man’s most meaningful and insightful quotes, and this is the perfect time to reflect on their meaning.

Hostos Community College will continue to be inspired by his ideals and guided by his moral compass as a defender of equal rights. We toast this humanist and educational revolutionary who understood that education is a right -- not a privilege.