Earlier this year, it was announced that a $50,000 grant from the Aspen Institute Ascend Fund would allow Hostos to implement a pilot program called the Aspen Institute Ascend Fund Program; a national initiative that takes a “two-generation” approach to help families improve their lives. The Ascend Fund Summer Program proved to be a success and registered an 88% retention rate allowing most program participants to stay in College.

One student even graduated on time thanks to the Ascend Fund Summer Program. Furthermore, all of the 15 student-parents received a B grade or better, with 10 of them earning at least an A-.

The Ascend Fund Summer Program allowed Hostos student-parents to accelerate their postsecondary degrees by enrolling in summer coursework, while simultaneously enrolling their children in Hostos' College for Kids Summer Academy, a high-quality intensive educational summer camp all free of charge.

On July 30, students, faculty, and staff celebrated the accomplishment of this first cohort at a ceremony hosted by the Office of former Hostos President Félix V. Matos Rodríguez.

One “two-generation” success story is Nazaret Fernández. While her son participated in College for Kids she was taking the one class she needed to complete her associate degree in Early Childhood Education. Now she is planning to earn a bachelor’s degree at Lehman College, while working at the Hostos Children’s Center.

“The advisors and counselors were extremely accessible. The program was great, and my son really loved the camp,” Fernández said.

Hostos personnel who participated in the closing ceremony included Odalys Díaz Piñeiro, Director of Special Projects; Angela Ríos, Director of the  Summer Bridge and the Student Success Coaching Unit; Lisanette Rosario, Director of Career Services; Assistant Dean Johanna Gómez; and Fabian Wander, Coordinator of Hostos’ Wellness Center. Mekaelia Davis, Program Manager for the Aspen Institute Ascend Fund, was also present.

Díaz Piñeiro and Ríos congratulated the students and expressed their gratitude for having been part of a collaboration that yielded such positive results.

Rosario, who is herself a 2001graduate of Hostos, delivered the keynote address in which she shared her personal experiences as a student and single parent. She told the Ascend participants that she had to overcome many of the obstacles they faced, but by persevering she eventually earned a master’s degree and obtained her present administrative position at the College.

“I always kept my eye on the prize,” Rosario said, “not just for myself, but because I wanted to be a good role model for my children.”
Wander, who also heads the Empowering Student Parents (ESP) program at Hostos, said these initiatives are more important than ever because 61 percent of community college students who have children after enrolling do not earn their degrees.

For more information about the Aspen Institute Ascend Fund program at Hostos Community College, contact Dr. Odalys Díaz Piñeiro at 718-518-4309.

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