Individuals gathered. Smile.

Part-fundraiser, part-talent showcase, part-competition, but all Hostos, the College’s #GivingTuesday campaign was a smashing success.

Starting with an original goal of $7,000, Hostos Community College (CUNY) raised more than $63,000 for its Bridge Tuition Support Assistance (BTSA) program—a fund to help students no longer eligible for financial aid stay in college, particularly those who are near or close to completion. The campaign was launched campus-wide on October 27 and culminated with a talent showcase on the national day of giving on November 29. The event brought the entire campus’ extended family together for a full day of fun, all fueled by the College’s special mission.

The effort was led by Nydia Edgecombe, the Director of Hostos’ Alumni Relations Office and other members from Hostos’ Division for Institutional Advancement, including Idelsa Mendez, Morris Ores, and Romain Suinat. Edgecombe credited Esther Rodríguez-Chardavoyne, Senior Vice President of Administration and Finance, for earmarking the funds for BTSA.

The month-long effort took on a healthy competitive spirit, with other division collecting thousands of dollars through donations, T-shirt sales and social media marketing. When the final numbers were counted, Hostos’ total was the third-highest of any college in The City University of New York (CUNY) system. Hostos was part of CUNY’s overall #GivingTuesday campaign, which aimed to raise $1 million across the 24 CUNY campuses.

At the culminating event Nov. 29, Hostos President Dr. David Gómez said the campaign spoke to the spirit of Hostos, as well as the College’s mission, in a very large and positive way.

“Where else can you see people competing to give money?” Gómez asked. “I thank you for all of your hard work, and I thank you for being Hostos. Our top institutional priority is the student completion agenda, and it is programs like the BTSA that will help us, and most importantly our students, get where we need to go.”

The BTSA was created to held student who have reached the maximum allotment of eight semesters of Tuition Assistance Program Funds (TAP) and who find themselves unable to pay for additional credits and some simply leave. Many of these students have had to leave college altogether.

 “This communal effort will make a substantial difference in the lives of many of our students who find themselves so close to graduating, only to fall short,” Edgecombe said. “The BTSA will allow them to continue on and finish what they have worked so hard to achieve.”

#GivingTuesday is an international day of giving held annually the Tuesday after Thanksgiving in the United States. #GivingTuesday was started in 2012 as a response to commercialization and consumerism in the post-Thanksgiving season.

Below is a list of those who were recognized as top #HostosGivingTuesday donors: The Aguado Family, the Bronx Terminal Market, Esther Rodríguez-Chardavoyne, the Hostos Public Safety Department, Krishna Dass, Professor Victor De León, the Edgecombe Family, Professor Cynthia Jones, Professor Daniel Maysonet, Professor Mary Manning, Dolly Martínez, Dean Peter Mertens, Franklyn Pérez and the Quintana Family.

Bronx 12 News coverage: "Hostos Community College Raises Money for Tuition Assistance"

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