(From left to right: Fabian Wander, Wellness Center; Tanya Navarro, Legal Affairs; and Melanie García-Torres from Continuing Education)
(From left to right: Winners of the 2014 “Train Like a Caiman” challenge:
Fabian Wander, Wellness Center; Tanya Navarro, Legal Affairs; and
Melanie García-Torres from Continuing Education)
Speed, cunning instinct, raw power, and an indomitable will are just a few of the select traits attributed to being a Hostos Caiman.
The Hostos Athletic Department recently wrapped up the second “Train Like a Caiman” fitness challenge to once again promote active, happy and healthier lifestyles on campus. 
Since July 21, participants have been performing a wide range of daily exercises, including cardiovascular exercise, push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and lunges. They are participating as individuals or in small groups of 2 to 4 people and all the activities carried a score that was logged into HostosAthletics.com
There also was also a daily group activity worth 10 bonus points held in the gymnasium, which involved a variety of workout videos. A projector and speakers were set-up to give participants an opportunity to enjoy a multitude of popular fitness DVDs. 
An awards luncheon was held on Sept. 5 in Room 391 for the Caiman Fitness Challenge with catered food and drink, door prizes, other awards, and fun activities. Winners who accumulated the most points were crowned, and a trophy was given to the first-and second-place individual winners, Fabian Wander and Crystal Joseph, respectively.
“The Caiman Cup” championship trophy wen to the group winners, the “Hostos Diamonds,” who ran away with the group title. 
The Caiman Cup, complete with its rotating trophy to salute past group winners, is held every semester. There were 26 dedicated participants (8 individuals, 3 groups) who thoroughly enjoyed putting in the time and effort it takes to be called a true Hostos Caiman.
The Hostos Athletic Department thank everyone who made the challenge such a success and urges everyone to sign up for the fall Train Like a Caiman fitness challenge coming soon!
The Hostos Athletic Department would like to extend a thank you to all those who participated and helped make the event possible. We look forward to seeing an increase in participation for the upcoming fall “Train Like a Caiman Challenge” coming soon!
Tanya Navarro Hostos Diamonds
Melanie Garcia Hostos Diamonds
Lucinda Doctor Joy
Fabian Wander Individual
Crystal Joseph Individual
Jack Jacobs Individual
Denice Brown Joy
Joy Perez Joy
Aunjalai Benjamin Individual
Farah Cajuste Bursar Champs
Astrid Justiniano Diaz Individual
Wishart Alleyne Bursar Champs
Sheneka Jalen Bursar Champs
Yolanda Soto Individual
Ashley Ferrera Individual
Lisanette Rosario Individual