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Working Groups: Questions


Working Group #1

Standard 1: Mission and Goals

  1. How well are the mission and goals known by the various constituencies in the college?
  2. How are the major themes of Hostos’ mission reflected in the goals established in key divisional plans? For example, the academic plan, enrollment management plan, technology plan, financial plan, etc.?
  3. Are Hostos’ programs, services, and operations consistent with themes in its mission? For example, how does the college know if it:
    • Serves the higher education needs of the South Bronx and similar communities and populations traditionally excluded from higher education?
    • Serves a culturally diverse student body and fosters a multicultural environment?
    • Provides transitional language instruction and meets the needs of English language learners?
    • Fosters intellectual growth and socioeconomic mobility (builds skills such as linguistic, mathematical, technological and critical thinking)?
  1. How can Hostos better reflect the themes of its mission within the goals of its next institution-wide, five-year strategic plan? How can multiple constituencies help shape the goals and activities of that plan so they are more closely ties to mission than the strategic plan (2003-2008)?
  2. How does the college enrich the community it serves through its activities and cultural events?

Standard 6: Integrity

  1. To what extent does the college ensure compliance and encourage ethical behavior among faculty, staff, and students?
  2. How does Hostos ensure that policies and procedures geared to established codes of ethics and integrity in the academy are consistently followed?
  3. To what extent does Hostos address and adhere to principles of academic freedom?
  4. To what extent are members of the college community treated equitably and appropriately, regardless of status?
  5. Are the current stated policies effective in guiding current practice? Are these policies and related decision-making policies transparent to the college community

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