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Working Groups: Questions


Working Group #3

Standard 4: Leadership and Governance

  1. To what extent do Hostos’ leadership and governance structures reflect its mission?
  2. To what extent do the various stakeholders (students, faculty, staff, administrators, external community groups, etc.) participate in governance?
  3. To what extent are existing structures utilized for decision-making and fostering engagement, participation, and accountability? How do our structures compare to similar two-year, public higher education institutions serving diverse student bodies of nontraditional learners?
  4. How does the Hostos Foundation Board assist the college in meeting its mission and goals?
  5. To what extent are the Board and other entities responsible for fundraising effective in raising resources?
  6. In what ways have Hostos’ governance systems changed over the past five years? What has been the impact of those changes? What areas still require improvement?

Standard 5: Administration

  1. How does the college assess and measure administrative effectiveness within each division?
  2. In what ways and for what reasons have staffing patterns and reporting lines been changed within the past five years? How do these changes reflect the changing needs of the college?
  3. How effectively do current administrative structures facilitate learning for a diverse, non-traditional student body? How effectively do they foster the professional development of staff and faculty?
  4. How effectively does Hostos ensure productive communication across administrative units?

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