Commencement 2010
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Commencement 2010

Hostos Community College Class of 2010

The below is based on the 334 students scheduled to receive their degrees on June 2010.

  • There are 334 graduates, 106 of them (31.7 percent) are receiving an A.A.; 55 of them (16.5 percent) are receiving an A.S. degree; 156 (46.7 percent) are receiving an A.A.S. degree; and 17 (5.1 percent) are receiving a certificate from the LPN program.
  • 75.4 percent of the graduates are female.
  • 54.8 percent of the graduates are Hispanic.
  • 34.9 percent of the graduates were graduates of foreign high schools. Of the students from foreign high schools, 54.1 percent are Hispanic and 22.9 percent are Black.
  • 15.7 percent of the graduates received a G.E.D. Of the students who received a G.E.D. before entering Hostos, 49.0 percent are Hispanic and 34.7 percent are Black.
  • The largest percentage of graduates is from the Liberal Arts-A.A. program (31.4 percent). 
  • 9.6 percent of the graduates (32 students) are from the Dental Hygiene program.
  • 13.2 percent of the graduates (44 students) are from the Nursing program. The numbers of graduates from the Nursing program surpasses the record numbers from June 2009.
  • Seven (7) students are graduating from the engineering programs.  Five of these students are graduating from Electrical Engineering.  One student from Chemical Engineering and one student from Civil Engineering each represent the first graduates from those programs.  In addition, two more students are graduating from the A.S. program in Mathematics. The Criminal Justice program also has its first graduate in June 2010.
  • The average GPA for the graduates from associate degree programs is 3.0

The number of graduates continues to increase.  The 334 students graduating in June 2010 represents a 7.7 percent increase in the number of students that graduated in June 2009.  Overall, the projected 603 graduates for AY2009-2010, represents a 13.3 percent increase over the 532 students who graduated in AY2008-2009.

The number of students graduating from the Allied Health programs continues to increase as do those from the Engineering programs.  In addition, some of our newest programs, Chemical Engineering Science, Civil Engineering Science, Criminal Justice, and Mathematics are graduating their first students. 

Combined with the 269 students who graduated in September 2009 and January 2010, this is the largest number of graduates Hostos has had in one academic year.

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