OSL's Free School concerts, Taylor 2 Dance Campany

Orchestra of St.Luke's

Taylor 2 Dance Company

    Tuesday 10, 10:15am & 11:45am
    Wednesday 11, 10:15am & 11:45am
    Thursday 12, 10:15am & 11:45am
  • Reserve seats for Spring 2020
    For more information, contact Evander Louis:
    212.594.6100 x114 or elouis@OSLmusic.org

Twice a year, OSL invites New York City’s public school students to outstanding classical music performances designed especially for young people. These OSL concerts—which incorporate other arts disciplines, such as dance, puppetry, or visual art—are presented free of charge and reach more than 10,000 children annually. For many, it is their first live concert experience.

This upcoming Spring 2020, OSL’s Free School Concerts series brings the iconic dance works of the late visionary choreographer Paul Taylor to New York City’s public school students. Members of the Paul Taylor’s “Taylor 2” Dance Company will perform Aureole, featuring live music by Handel, performed by Orchestra of St. Luke’s.