Independent Coalitions

Agricultural Projects

Agro Autonomia @IslaVerde
Grupo independiente. Haciendo buen trabajo.

Casa Pueblo – – Very respected organization. Casa Pueblo is a self-managed community project that is committed to appreciating and protecting natural, cultural and human resources. They have helped protect the municipalities of Adjuntas, Utuado, Lares and Jayuya since 1980. Casa Pueblo has road clearing brigades as well as distributing goods. Email:

Doctor Arturo Massol Deyá
Biólogo y Catedrático de la UPR
Director asociado de Casa Pueblo

Center for Planetary SciencePuerto Rico Disaster Relief Fund for Utuado - a non-profit organization collecting donations to directly aid the town of Utuado.

Efecto Sombrilla – – Contact Tara: Uniting efforts of farmers around the island, have centers in Miramar Hato Rey ready to accept seeds, etc.  Any help, ideas, contacts to get the sustainable agriculture back on their feet contact Tara

ISER CaribeISER is committed 100% with emergency relief effort in Puerto Rico. All of your donations will go to the folks affected by Hurricane Maria. The donations will help to build a sustainable and resilient Puerto Rico. They currently focusing on western Puerto Rico.
Doctor Ryan Mann-Hamilton, anthropologist and environmentalist, Director of Public Programs ISER Caribe.

Proyecto Agroecológico El Josco Bravo –  Puerto Rico

Proyecto enlace del Caño Martín Peñamartinpeñ The Trust Tierra del Caño Martín Peña won the UN-Hábitat For A Better Urban Future World Prize in 2016.

Para la - Para la Naturaleza Community Fund. Supporting local communities, sustainable agriculture, and reforestation and restoration of the island’s natural habitats.


Carmelo Anthony Puerto Rico

Ricky Martin FoundationRicky Martin for Puerto Rico – In partnership with Music for Relief

Somos Una VozSomos Una Voz - Somos Una Voz / We Are One Voice – A bunch of celebrities, a combined force of over 1billion followers, joined Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez’s alliance.

Voices for Puerto Rico - arts and culture - This is another crew of Latino celebrities and influencers who join Mariem Pérez, Carlitos Ruíz, and Adriana Teresa Letorney to aid and support relief efforts.

Centros de Apoyo Mutos (CAMs)

Brigada Solidaria del Oeste

Comedores Sociales –

Centro de Apoyo Mutuo (community kitchen, Caguas, PR) – paypal:

La Cucina - If you are seeking to communicate with community based efforts working on the ground in PR: Landline at “La Cucina” with solid and direct communication in Hato Rey, PR: 787-767-9862 Good place to leave information and receive small donations for specific people / organizations. They are helping decentralize resources, information, etc. Email: Eduardo Caro /

Taller - Taller Salud is a community-based, feminist grassroots organization that works for the integral well-being of girls, young women and adult women, targeted primarily at low-income communities. Since 1979

Rhett Lee | Receiving Packages at his residence

  • Isla Grande airport easier.
  • There’s no clear logistical system yet.
  • Private, rented, chartered and donated planes help donations get to land.
  • Wrap donations in some kind of paper de algún with lables.
  • Limited because of lack of communication.
  • Trying to document details about materials and distribution.
  • Help transport donations with gas sponsored by the diaspora. This is how materials got to Casa Pueblo and other places in and around the island.
  • Carlos Correa donations did not arrive to his home.
  • Need a way to move cargo effectively.


Federación de Maestros de Puerto Rico

UPR Se Levanta - Banking Information for direct donation.
Banco Popular Account | Wire transfer: US (Fed) ABA: 021502011|
Número de cuenta: 083338 | Swift Number: BPPRPRSX
Nombre de la cuenta: Universidad de Puerto Rico
Physical address: Jardín Botánico Sur, 1187  Flamboyán Street, San Juan, PR  00926-1117


Centro para la Nueva Economía/PR Recovery Fund

Renewable Energy

EcoKit Duffle for Puerto Rico – EcoKit Duffle – Yarani Del Valle Piñero, Aris Mejias, and Isa Gandia, Organizers | Thru the EcoKit Duffle initiative delivers eco friendly survival materials. Yarani works and collaborates with several organizations and coalitions in the island. Someone said, "This is as simple as buying stuff from Amazon. Literally."

Hurricane Maria Relief and Giving Solar Light to Puerto Rico | John Leguizamo, sponsors -

Susie Ran Kim – Clean Water & Power to Puerto RicoSusie Ran Kim – Clean Water & Power to Puerto Rico |From the Go Fund Me page | My name is Susie Kim. I am a co-founder and Artistic director for Newfilmmakers Los Angeles and have been producing the science and art documentary Bifrost into the Aurora which is based out of Puerto Rico for the past 3 years. By luck, I was in Los Angeles when the hurricanes hit Puerto Rico, watching everything go down. Since then, I have been able to have maintain communications with our production team, our friends and the university students to understand how to best help. Together with friends, families and support from our community in the US, we are organizing together to address the immediate needs of the island which is energy, connectivity and clean water.

Women's Health

Casa Protegida Julia de Burgos –

Centro Mujer Barranquitas –

Coordinadora Paz para la Mujer

Taller Salud (Loíza) –