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The Complete Review and Literary Saloon Great Books online:

Gale Group’s Library Resources:

Contemporary Postcolonial & PostImperial Lit. in English

Latino Guide (authors of fiction; anthologies; links) (Capital Comm. College)

Morton Grove PL Web Sites for Book Lovers

The Victorian Web

Bibliomania: Free Online Literature and Study Guides

New York Review of Books:

Carl UnCover:

English Resources on the World Wide Web

Complete Works of William Shakespeare (online!) w/ links to glossary

Mr. William Shakespeare on the Internet



Arts & Humanities

Literary Criticsm Links (IPL)
World Wide Art Meta Site Museums
HORUS History links to countries
Linguistic Resources on the Web
Douglass Speech Archive
Rutgers Directory of Electronic Text Centers
UMich Humanities Text Initiative
Plato-Middle Dialogues
Argos-Ancient & Medieval links


Language & Cognition

ESL, Foreign Language and Culture Resources Webpage

from San Antonio College’s LRC (Learning Resource Center)

CUNY Write Site (also listed above, under “English”)

Linguistic Fun land

Lingua Center Grammar Safari (ESL)

Translator’s Home Companion:

Literacy Links: ESL

Dave’s ESL/EFL Café on the Internet

Links of Interest to Students & Teachers of English as a Second Language

Guide to Grammar and Writing (Prof. Charles Darling/Capital Community College Site)

Sentence Sense by Evelyn Farbman (Cap.Comm.. college)

Comenius English Language Center

Nicanor Parra (U. Chile)

Pablo Neruda (U. Chile)

English Idioms and Sayings



English Courses (Writing/Freshman Composition)

Internet Public Library’s Literary Criticism Links

CUNY Write Site

Guide to Grammar and Writing (Charles Darling and Capital Community College Site)

Purdue’s Online Writing Lab (OWL)

National Writing Centers Associations Web Page (lots of writing center sites)

Guide for writing research papers (MLA)

Linguistic Fun land

Sentence Sense by Evelyn Farbman (Cap.Comm.. college)

Critical Thinking on the Web: A Directory of Quality Online Resources



Writing Across the Curriculum

Hostos Community College's Writing Across the Curriculum Homepage

Writing Across the Curriculum Resources (Cap. Comm. College)

Critical Thinking on the Web:

Quality Online Resources for Critical Thinking (resources in a variety of subjects)

[Note: also listed in English Dept. section]

Philosophy Resources on the Web (Epistemelinks)


Business Administration, Accounting, Marketing

Sources of Financial Information (Fla. State U.)

Money: What it is. How it works. (by William F. Hummel)

Forbes Best of the Web:

Economic Policy Institute

Advertising World (U Tex)

Marketing Magic

Marketing Virtual Library



Corporate Watch

CEO Express (Business meta site)

Rutgers Accounting Web (RAW)

Big 6 Accounting firms (from RAW)

Accounting firms worldwide (from RAW)


International Accounting Standards

Tax and Accounting Sites Directory


Annual Reports Library

Smart Pros Accounting Students

Foster Business Library (University of Washington)



Computer Information Systems & Technology

Computer Science

Computer Science, Binghamton SUNY

Timeline of Computer History

Nerds 2.0.1 Timeline (computer history, 1945-present)

Nerds 2.0.1 Glossary of Geek (computer science history and glossary)

Qbasic Programming Resources

Computer Science Resources from Albany, SUNY

Webopedia (Online Dictionary & Search Engine for Computers)

Multimedia Authoring Web (Programming for nonprogrammers)

Visual Basic Programming Resources



Newspapers and magazines

American Journalism Review Newslinks (newspapers in U.S. and World, plus magazines and more)

Yahoo’s listing of newspapers from around the world

Alternative Press Index

Mother Jones Magazine online (monthly progressive)

The Progressive Magazine (similar to Mother Jones)

The Nation Magazine (weekly progressive mag.)

Z Magazine (monthly progressive)

The Village Voice (weekly NY “alternative” newspaper)

US Newswire
100 top US Newspaper links
Money Magazine
Wall Street Journal
New York Times
The Economist
CNN Financial Network
NY Post
US Newswire



World History, International Affairs, Area Studies

Social Science Information Gateway (SOSIG)   


InfoNation is a very comprehensive database that contains statistical data from Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America. Data fields include geographical, economic, population and social information. Very good lay out and user-friendly. Site can be searched in Spanish and French. Note: Profiles of Caribbean countries are available in the North America section.

Population Reference Bureau

This site contains a wealth of information, much of it in the form of articles and fact sheets written by PRB members. The site contains a search engine that enables the user to conduct both basic and specific searches. Users can also browse various topics, pinpoint information on a specific region and check out the sites "top hits".

World History Lecture Hall (variety of history subjects made available by profs of history)

History World:

CIA World FactBook (country studies)

Handbook of Latin American Studies (HLAS) (Bilingual LC research site)

Political Database of the Americas (Georgetown U./OAS; multilingual)

African Diaspora (on LANIC)

War Peace and Security WWW Server (Canadian Forces College) (Huge War & Military

World Religions

Japanese Studies (Well-organized research guide, U. Arizona)

Latin American Studies (U. Arizona)



Current Issues (Media and issue analysis, pro & con, background)

Public Agenda Online (Public Opinion and Policy Analysis)

John Peter Zenger's site

           This is a website that has an index of all of the mainstream American newspapers lead editorials.

           This is an excellent resource for students working on public opinion and current event topics.

Tom (Journal of Opinion)

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting. Excellent media analysis of news (FAIR online newsletter & archives)

ZNet (also in Spanish.)

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

IGC – Internet’s Progressive Gateway

Hate Watch (nonprofit online bigotry watchdog group)

Center for the Study of Democracy (U. Cal. Irvine)

Prison Activist Web Ring (Information, statistics, documents, etc. on U.S. prison industry)

Death Penalty Curricula for High School

Designed to help both students and teachers fully explore the subject, the site presents a balanced viewpoint on the various issues surrounding death penalty cases. In addition to background material there is information specific to the individual states as well as links to other sites dedicated to both sides of the death penalty argument.



American History, Constitution, Law and Public Policy

FindLaw  - Legal website: U.S. Federal & State Courts/cases; Legal Reference Resources, exams, etc

Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet

A User’s Guide to the Declaration of Independence

The Constitution of the United States (with analysis & interpretation)

American Memory (historical digital collections from LOC)

Charters of Freedom (Magna Carta, Dec. of  Indep., Constitution, Bill of Rights, delegates to the Constitutional Convention)

The National Security Archives  - Very good for history, political science, Latin American/Caribbean studies)

Internet Law Library
Copyright & Intellectual Propery-A collection of papers via CAUSE
Documents Center
Environmental Treaties & Resources
Federal Courts  Finder
Legal Information Institute
Legislation:  Bills & Amendments
National Performance Review
Policy.Com site
World Wide Web Virtual Library: Law

U.S. Freedom Struggles: Jefferson, Lincoln, MLK Jr. 


African-American Studies

Black History Pages

SLS African American History - Good annotated subject directory, quality links from Suburban Library System

Afro-American Almanac (excellent commercial portal site)

Malcolm X: A Research Site



New York City info

Welcome to NYC LINK - The Official New York City Web Site
New York City Reference - Table of Contents
Board of Education, NYC-includes reports & data
Elected Officials-including Local, State, National
Who Represents Me? --Commmunity Mapping Assistance Project
NYC Council Web-includes NYC legislation
Crain's NY Lists includes links to various NYC and NYS data and representatives
Subway, Path & LIRR info
NYC Street Locator (Official NYC website)                                          

NYC Oasis (interactive digital map)

Gotham Gazette (NYC Politics and Resources)         

Empire State Building Facts                                                                                                                           

NYC Transit Info: Official MTA Website

NYC Dept. of City Planning Population Census                                                                               

Excellent unofficial NYC Subway site:                                                                                                                               

NYC Transit Scenes: Past & Present


NY State Information

Welcome to New York
NYS Assembly
NYS Consolidated Laws
NYS Constitution, Ct Cases, Codes, etc
N.Y.State Education Department
NYS Executive Budget summary
U.S. State Fact Sheet
Who Represents Me? --Commmunity Mapping Assistance Project



Internet Tools and Gateways

Guides to specialized search engines:

Lib of Congress “Explore the Internet”

Scout Report Signpost (annotated online resources)

Scout Report’s Webliographies!

Scout Report Toolkit

Scout Report Archives

Internet Scout Report Home Page

Scout Report Signpost Home:



Resources for Parents and Early Childhood Education Majors

From Berkeley Sunsite, “KidsClick” a wonderful portal for parents and their children

On-Lion for Kids (NYPL’s kids’ pages)

Database of Award-Winning Children’s Literature (by Lisa Bartle, Librarian)

Children’s Lit (multicultural)

Children’s Lit Web Guide:

Americas Award for Best Children’s Lit.

ERIC Clearinghouse on Elementary and Early Childhood Education

ERICS’ links to Educational Resources on the Web

Tufts U. Child and Family WebGuide: Your Gateway to the Best Sites About Children

America’s Children 20001 at Statistical and other information from census

Teaching Reading (Pre-K to Grade 3) Cal. Dept. of Educ.

Ready, Set, Read  - Early Childhood Reading Kit




Cuba MegaLinks

Links2Go – Cuba:

Republic of Cuba WWW (somewhat outdated – 1999)

CubaWeb (new) bilingual, from Cuba

Cuba cultural history page from Lonely Planet

On Lucumi (Santeria) by (good references)

U of Florida Santeria Bibliography


Business & Company

Corporate Information
Bankruptcy Library
Dow Jones Index
Dow Jones Business Directory
Executive Pay Watch-from AFL-CIO
IPO Central
Search SEC EDGAR Archives
SEC EDGAR Database
Fortune 500
Fortune 500-GLOBAL
Hoover's Online!
List of Lists-Gary Price. Primarily Business; some educational & social
Investor Relations Resource: Public Companies
SIC Codes-searchable by keyword
NAICS (North American Classification System) (Census Bureau)
NAICS-unofficial clearinghouse 3.98
Wall St. Research Network



International Company Info

International BusinessGuide: Worldclass Supersite
International business links
European Business Directory
Fortune 500-GLOBAL



Economics & Finance

Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System
FRED-- Federal Reserve Economic Data
IMF Working Papers
National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) Working Papers
WoPEc Electronic Papers in Economics
OECD Working Papers
FinanceNet WWW Home Page
Internet Public Library Business and Economics Reference
World Stock Exchanges Sites
U.S. Stock Market
U.S. Options & Futures Market
Wright Research Center



International Trade & European Union

Department of Commerce
European Parliment Fact Sheet on EU
European Union
European Union
European Community Statistics
Export-Import Bank
Foreign Trade Division Home Page
International Trade Commission
Oversees Private Investment Corp
(Top10)  International Trade Lists
Far Eastern Economic Review
International Monetary Fund
World Bank
Bank for International Settlements
Asian Development Bank
NYU-Stern School Asia Link
Megastories news database



Government Departments & Agencies

Monthly Catalog of Govt Publications (MOCAT)
Census Bureau Home Page
Chiefs of States and Parliaments (CIA)
Congressional Directory
Dept of Education
Dept of State
Federal Government: Executive Branch
Federal Web Locator
Fed World search engine
GPO Gate
GPO through SuDocs homepage
NARA (National Archives)
Patent & Trademark Office
Small Business Admin
Small Business Adm-Year 2000 problem
U.S. House Of Representatives
U.S. Senate


Government Reference Works and Statistics

90 Census
Bureau of Economic Analysis
Budget, U.S.
Bureau of Economic Analysis
Bureau of Labor Statistics
BLS Wage and employment data for over 760 occupations
Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
CBO (Congressional Budget Office) Reports & Analysis
Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
Commerce Business Daily
Congressional Directory, 105th Congress
County & City Data Books, 1988 & 1994
Country Commercial Guides
Country Studies-Area Handbooks from LC
Current Industrial Reports
Economic Report of the President
Economic Indicators
Elected Officials-including Local, State, National
Fed Stats Site
Forms (fed. govt-student aid, passport, tax, etc)
Government Manual
GPO Access
Handbook of International Economic Stats
Heads of foreign governments, cabinets
International statistics links
National Ctr. for Education Statistics
National Center for Health Statistics
National DEBT Clock
Occupational Outlook Handbook, 1998-99
Social Sciences Data links
Sourcebook Of Criminal Justice Statistics
State Personal Income, 1969-1995
Statistical Abstracts
Statistics links from UMich
Transportation Dept Stats
Uniform Crime Reports (Crime in the US)
Whitehouse Statistics Briefing Room-- Economic Stats
Whitehouse Statistics Briefing Room-- Social Stats
World Fact Book,1997 (CIA)

Non-Profits & Associations

 Associations on web
 Foundation Center
 Nonprofit Resources Links by Philip Walker



Library Catalogs

NYPL Catalogs

Brooklyn Public Library Catalog

Queens Public Library Catalog

CUNY Libraries Homepage

NY Metro Regional OPACS
New York State Library
Libraries on the Web
Library of Congress
LC Classifications
Amazon Online Bookstore



Web Indexes & Tools

Search Engine Tutorial

Internet Search Tools

Infopeople Search Tools




Scout Report

Web Evaluation Links




Hot Topics & Current Events  (Updated 9/12/02)
Combating Terrorism

Congressional Quarterly Resources on Terrorism

This Web site provides material from a variety of CQ Press sources relevant to the issues.               Sources include encyclopedia articles, such as Jihad and Theocracy; three issues of The CQ Researcher, Combating Terrorism, Islamic Fundamentalism and Middle East Conflict; and more."


Islamic Studies - Breaking the Ties Between Religion and Terrorism

This site from Dr. Alan Godlas, professor of religion at the University of Georgia, gives scholarly resources on Islam and related subjects. The page opens with a short list of pieces related to terrorism and statements from scholars of Islam speaking out against terrorism. The main body of the site, however, is given over to twelve sections of annotated links, which span maps, art, women's rights, the Qur'an, history, and much more. Godlas aims to provide "a non-polemical view of Islam (including Sunni Islam, Shi'ism, and Sufism)  and to a lesser extent of Judaism and Christianity," and this is a wonderful collection of  resources. Both scholars and the general public should profit from this site.


Chemical & Biological Weapons

September 11 and Beyond
Events of 9/11 and Terrorism


War and Peace Resources Related to the Current Iraq Crisis 

A current set of resources compiled by the Librarian's Index to the Internet. 


Government Views of Iraq

A selection of government resources on Iraq compiled by the Government Documents Division of the City College library.




Help with Writing Research Papers

Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Research Paper

Produced by the Internet Public Library, this great step-by step guide breaks the process down into manageable steps: Getting started, Choosing a Topic, Gathering Information on through to Writing the paper.

Writing a research paper

Sponsored by the OWL, the Online Writing Lab from Purdue University. Another good resource for understanding the process. OWL also provides additional writing and grammar resources at their site.

Handbook for Library-Based Research Papers

A short  and simple Handbook for writing research papers from the University of Wisconsin.

How not to plagiarize

This guide to plagiarism from the University of Toronto includes just about all you need to know to avoid plagiarism.




Language, Culture & Society

Portal Sites (large collections of Internet resources on a variety of linguistic studies)

Andrew Moore's Language & Gender Website []
This wonderful website is by Prof. Andrew Moore (Great Britain). For information on language and gender (differences in language use, speech, gender dominance through language and many other topics), this website is a must to use. Prof. Moore also offers commentary on the major scholars and writers about language and gender, such as Deborah Tannen, Jennifer Coates and Robin Lakoff.

The Linguist List []
This website is run by linguistics professors and graduate students. It is dedicated to providing information on language and language analysis, and to providing the discipline of linguistics with the infrastructure necessary to function in the digital world. This is a very large portal site. You can find resources on sociolinguistics and individual languages and much more at this site.

UCLA Language Materials Project []
This is a Language Profiles website. Over 100 language profiles are included, and for each language, there is information on the historical, cultural, and social roots of the language, a map showing where the language is spoken, basic facts about the grammar, writing systems, and history of the language, and a wealth of other sociolinguistic information. Each page also contains la list of websites of interest to teachers and learners of the language.


SIL International

Linguistic Resources on the Internet

SIL International (formerly called the Summer Institute of Linguistics) is a non-profit organization that provides links to their own and other linguists’ research and resources on languages – many of them unwritten languages (creoles, dialects, etc.) SIL also publishes Ethnologue: Languages of the World. It is a huge book/electronic database on languages around the world.

Ethnologue, Web Version

   Ethnologue: Geographic Distribution of Living Languages

   Ethnologue country index

   Ethnologue language family index



Language & Linguistics resources from’s Web Directory:

Excellent places to start at these pages because the web sites have been chosen by information specialists, not a machine.



Pidgins and Creoles

English Based Pidgins and Creoles




Ebonics/Black English/African American English (AAE):


African American English: A Webpage for Linguists

CAL Ebonics Information

The Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) Ebonics Information Page  has links to many fine academic papers, books and web sites on Ebonics.


Black English Vernacular (Ebonics) and Educability

An essay by Alondra Oubre, Ph.D.


The Language of Latinos:


Diccionario de Spanglish

Nelson Gonzalez’ Spanglish dictionary, with his comments. In Spanish.


Francisco Javier Diez Vegas’ Spanglish Internet Resources. From the Web site of the Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia (Spain)

La Página del Idioma Español - The Spanish Language Home-Page

Ricardo Soca providews several essays and articles in Spanish, about Spanglish. Opinionated and interesting.

Prof. Michael Newman's Linguistic Web pages

The owner of this website teaches at Queens College. He has made a study of New York Latino English and Literacy and Hip Hop and there are links to these subjects on his web page.

(“That curious mixture of English and Spanish is here to stay.”)

Alex Johnson’s article, from The Broadsheet, Spain’s monthly magazine in English. (no date available)





Latin American Lit in Translation


Mario Vargas Llosa

The Feast of the Goat - Mario Vargas Llosa

Many links to interesting book reviews of the novel, information about Rafael Trujillo and Santo Domingo, biographical information on Vargas Llosa.


D. Latin America, 1945-2000. 2001. The Encyclopedia of World History

The online “Encyclopedia of World History,” has a chapter on Latin America, 1945-2000, with some social, political and  historical context for Magical Realism in Latin American Literature.


World Literature: The Twentieth Century

This Web page, offered by the California State’s College of Education, is a brief but relevant section on Latin American Literature and Magical Realism.



World War II & the Holocaust


A Cybrary of the Holocaust

Created in 1995, this award-winning site is maintained by the Alliance for a Better Earth. In describing why it was named a Best Site of 1997, CNET says: "As time passes, memory can fade. The Cybrary of the Holocaust uses art, discussion groups, photos, poems, and a wealth of facts to preserve powerful memories and to educate scholars and newcomers alike about the Holocaust....” (CNET, 2/26/97)  We especially recommend Alan Jacob’s photo-art exhibit on Auschwitz.


Simon Wiesenthal Center Multimedia Learning Center Online

The Simon Wiesenthal Center is a leading international Jewish human rights agency. It also maintains the renowned Museum of Tolerance ( Museum of Tolerance ). This Multimedia Learning Center contains a wealth of information and activities for students, teachers and anyone with an interest learning about the Holocaust, the Nazi era, and World War II. Click on the “Teacher’s Resources”  link to find some great resources – especially the “36 Questions About the Holocaust” (FAQ’s, or Frequently Asked Questions) in your choice of English, Spanish or Swedish. Also see the “Interactive Glossary of the Holocaust” and other resources such as bibliographies, articles, a timeline and more.


The Holocaust History Project Homepage

This is not a fancy, hi-tech Web site, but it contains a free archive of documents, photographs, recordings, and essays regarding the Holocaust, including direct refutation of Holocaust-denial. It is maintained by a group of committed individuals who have a strong interest in the subject and the academic background to bring needed information to others. Of special interest is their collection of “Short Essays” (the link is in the Frame on the left side of the webpage) with essays on various aspects of the Holocaust ranging in length from 500 to 3000 words. Other essays at the site are much longer.


The Holocaust: A Tragic Legacy

A global company called ThinkQuest sponsors the annual “Internet Challenge” -- a competition for High School students and teachers to create high quality Web sites. This site won the 1997 Challenge. “With outstanding content and elegant web architecture, this site provides the student with a rich resource for the study of the Holocaust. In-depth and accurate information is provided about the people, events, and social effects of this sad chapter in history. The links to other sites and the source citations are equally useful and comprehensive. Audio clips of Holocaust survivors, several interactive features, and well-chosen illustrations make this an excellent and must-see history site.”  See particularly the “Interactive Timeline” and the “Summary of the Holocaust” pages.


A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust Site Map

Produced by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, College of Education, University of South Florida, this site is intended for teachers but students and other researchers will find it an excellent resource. It presents the Holocaust in three large sections: Timeline, People and The Arts (literature, art and music). It is beautifully organized, interactive and offers multimedia files to create a rich research experience.


Jewish Virtual Library
This research website belongs to the American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise, an organization founded in 1993, to help anyone interested in Jewish history find information and resources. One of the collections at this site is called “The Holocaust” and is another excellent source for research on World War II and the Holocaust.


When I Was Puerto Rican Web Sources


Annenberg Teaching Resources: Esmeralda Santiago

At this Web site for teachers, there is some information about the author, a plot summary of her

memoir and an interview with Esmeralda Santiago, and more.


Esmeralda Santiago's own Web site

The author has her own Web site. You will find her short biographical sketch of her life, and don’t miss the “FAQ” page (“frequently asked questions”) in which she answers some questions about her writing.


PBS Masterpiece Theater: Esmeralda Santiago

A film called “Almost a Woman” was made that is based on “When I was Puerto Rican.” The educational TV producers, PBS, have a good Web site for learning something about the historical and social context of of Ms. Santiago’s memoir. There is information here on Puerto Rico, a timeline of Puerto Rican history, and an interview with the author.


Religions of the World


BBC - Religion & Ethics - Religions

The British Broadcasting System’s offers descriptions of  the history, customs, beliefs, aspects of worship, holy days, and special features of the world’s major religions.


Major Religions Ranked by Size

Preston Hunter’s web site is a good source of mostly statistical information on how many adherents (followers of a religion) each religion has, and where they are located. Religion & Philosophy

Librarians Index to the Internet hand-picks high quality web sites for students and researchers. Their collection of web sites on many of the world’s religions is excellent.


Religions of the World

Minnesota State University’s e-museum includes basic information about the major religions of the world.


Judaism 101: Table of Contents

Tracey Rich’s web site covers a lot of information about Judaism.


Women's History Month Essay Contest


Especially for Elizabeth Blackwell:

  1. Thomson Gale’s Women’s History Free Database:
  2. Biography from the United States National Library of Medicine:


Especially for Dolores Huerta

  1. Women’s Leadership in American History, on the CUNY website:
  2. Thomson Gale’s Hispanic Heritage Free Database:



Course Related Links


When I Was Puerto Rican” Web Sources

Religions of the World

World War II &  the Holocaust

Language, Culture and Society

Latin American Literature in Translation

U.S. Freedom Struggles: Jefferson, Lincoln, MLK Jr.