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Company of Biologists

Subscription service  to three primary research journals in biology: Development, Journal of Cell Science, and Journal of Experimental Biology. Free access to abstracts.


The Journal of Biochemistry


Biochemical Journal

(Portland Press) Full text access to journal archives. Access to current year only to subscribers.


Biochemical Society Transactions

(Portland Press) Full text access to journal archives. Access to current year only to subscribers.


Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry

(Portland Press) Full text access to journal archives. Access to current year only to subscribers.


Clinical Science

(Portland Press) Full text access to journal archives. Access to current year only to subscribers.


Annual Reviews: Biomedical Sciences

(Annual Reviews/HighWire Press) Full text for subscribers; free access to abstracts and TOCs. 


Journal of Biological Chemistry

(ASBMB/Highwire Press) Full text, email, and TOCs  for subscribers; free access to abstracts.


Journal of Cell Biology

(Rockefeller University Press/Highwire Press) Full- text, email TOCs and CiteTrack for subscribers; free access to abstracts.


Databases/Electronic Resources at Hostos

Applied Science and Technology Abstracts

Applied Science and Technology Abstracts covers every area  of science, engineering and technology. Sources are indexed  from 1983 on and include trade and industrial publications, journals issued by professional and technical societies, and  specialized subject periodicals. Citations begin with 1983; Abstracts begin with 1994.


General Science Abstracts

General Science Abstracts indexes articles of at least one column in length from English-language periodicals  published in the United States and Great Britain plus the full text of selected periodicals beginning with 1984. Topics include Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Conservation, Earth Science,  Environment, Health, Mathematics, Medicine, Nutrition, and Physics. Abstracting coverage begins with periodicals  published in March 1993. Full text coverage begins in January 1995.


Dialog@CARL Science Databases

Collection of 300 databases covering news, business, reference, arts, humanities, social sciences, government, science, technology, medicine, and intellectual property.  Over half of the databases offer full-text articles. The Science files include databases in the following areas:  Astronomy,  Mathematics, Physics,  Biochemistry,  Biology,  Biotechnology,  Chemistry,  Geology,  Geophysics,  Marine Science,  Meteorology,  Natural Resources,  Nuclear Science,  Pollution,  Water and Water,  Quality &  Zoology.


Visual Resources: Slides/Image Collections


Dennis Kunkel's Microscopy

Wide range of images produced by photomicrographer Dennis Kunkel Ph.D. showing the living world--insects, cells, biological molecules--as it appears at high  magnification. Images are available for use in research and education.


Botanical Society of America Image Collection

A collection of approximately 800 images available for instructional use.


Biological Image Archive

Contains images of plant and animal species, which were created from scanning transparencies taken by museum and herbarium collectors during expeditions. The images are available for non-commercial educational and research use. [University of Kansas]


Cells Alive!

A collection of cell photos and illustrations. Students and teachers are encouraged to incorporate individual images in class reports, projects, homework, and lectures.


Through the Microscope

An Internet gallery of health science images from the Wadsworth Center, New York State Department of Health.  Images of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and protozoa.


Graphics Gallery

Access Excellence, a program at the National Health Museum, presents a series of labeled diagrams with explanations representing the important processes of biotechnology. Each diagram is followed by a summary of information, providing a context for the process illustrated. Includes "From Gene to Function"-- the major actors of molecular biology: the nucleic acids, DNA and RNA.


Catalog of Botanical Illustrations

The Department of Botany of the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History has created a database of the more than 3000 botanical illustrations.


NANOWORLD Image Gallery

The University of Queensland's Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis hosts this gallery of images for use in biology, physiology, and chemistry at atomic, molecular, cellular, and macromolecular scales. Copying of images, and their subsequent free use is permitted with certain conditions.


 Worldwide Museum of Natural History

An online museum featuring a variety of photo galleries for study of natural history and the earth sciences. The life galleries (vertebrate and invertebrate) are home to some of the most interesting fossils ever found including dinosaurs, ammonites, crinoids, mammals, early life, insects. Also presents galleries of existing life such as Lepidoptera (butterflies/moths) and wildflowers of the American prairie. New galleries are added regularly.


General Resources


Cell and Molecular Biology Online

A general resource for the biology community with an emphasis on information  for cell and molecular biologists. Provides links to journals, societies, grants, conferences, images and more.


Species 2000

Indexes the world's known species of plants, animals, fungi and microbes on Earth as the baseline dataset for studies of global biodiversity.  The goal of the project is to provide a uniform and validated quality index of names of all known species for use as a practical tool. The Species 2000 Programme was established by the International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS), in co-operation with the Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA) and the International Union of Microbiological Societies (IUMS).


National Biological Information Infrastructure

This site is the result of a joint venture between the Biological Resources Divsion of the U.S. Geological Survey and a number of contributors from the private and public sectors. It is an electronic gateway to biological data produced by the federal and state agencies, universities, natural history museums and the private sector. Links to a variety of evaluated and recommended resources for research and teaching.


BIOSIS Home Page

Publisher of Biological Abstracts, BIOSIS accumulates the world's largest collection of abstracts and bibliographic references to worldwide biological and medical literature. Site offers a variety of free resources.


Insect Pollination of Cultivated Crop Plants

Published by the USA in 1976, this is a virtual copy of the original handbook in full-text. A seminal work with timeless data on topics such as pollination, biology, flower structure etc. Original black and white illustrations included.


Animal Diversity Web

A virtual textbook on animal diversity.


Tree of Life

A project containing information about the diversity of organisms on Earth, their history, and characteristics. The information is linked together in the form of the evolutionary tree that connects all organisms to each other. Produced by University of AZ.


Mammal Species of the World

A database of mammalian taxonomy. Designed by the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution as a convenient on-line reference for identifying or verifying recognized scientific names and for taxonomic research. The names are organized in a hierarchy that includes Order, Family, Subfamily, Genus and Species.


CSU Biological Sciences Web Server

California State University consolidates existing WWW Biological Science teaching and research resources to create and distribute original multimedia resources for the teaching of biology.


Visible Human Project

Complete, anatomically detailed, three-dimensional  representations of the normal male and female human bodies from the National Library of Medicine. Provides comprehensive, three-dimensional images of  the human body. The project's web site includes cross-sectional views of the body.


The Biology Project

An award-winning interactive online resource for learning biology developed at The University of Arizona. Includes problem sets, tutorials and activities. In English and Spanish.


EarthTrends: The environmental information portal 

Developed by the World Resources Institute (WRI), this site provides free access to global or country-specific environmental data. Information is arranged by 10 major subject areas: coastal and marine ecosystems; forests and grasslands; water resources and freshwater systems; agriculture and food; climate and atmosphere; population, health, and human well being; economics and business; energy; biodiversity and protected areas; and environmental governance. Each subject includes searchable databases, data tables, country profiles, maps, and features.



Professional Associations

Scholarly Societies & Professional Associations
The American Institute of Biological Sciences
APSnet - The American Phytopathological Society
Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Reference Tools: Handbooks, Encyclopedias, 

Directories, Dictionaries


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Last updated: July 2001