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Voice of the Shuttle/General Humanities Resources

Voice of the Shuttle(VOS) is a remarkably well-organized and well-maintained gateway site, with guide/indexes, providing links to thousands of scholarly resources in all areas of the humanities: art, anthropology, literature, music & dance, philosophy, photography, etc. Created by Alan Liu, et al, of the University of California, Santa Barbara, English Department.


Greek Mythology Link

A personal web site by Carlos Parada, author of Genealogical Guide to Greek Mythology, offering “a massive, extensively linked collection of information on the mythology of classical Greece…the site provides short definitions, long articles, images, maps, and other information on the characters and stories found in Greek mythology.” A portion of the resources are available in Spanish.


Humbul Humanities Hub

A comprehensive gateway dedicated to “discovering, evaluating and cataloguing online resources in the humanities” relevant to teaching and research.  Site is hosted by Oxford University.


EDSITEment/The Best of the Humanities on the Web

An excellent gateway to humanities resources in the subject areas of literature and language arts, foreign languages, art and culture, history and social studies. EDSITEment is produced by the National Endowment for the Humanities in partnership with the National Trust for the Humanities, and the MarcoPolo Education Foundation.





If you are on the Hostos Campus you can click on the links below to use the databases. But if you are using a computer off-campus you must use a different method to enter the databases. Speak to a librarian for more on how to access these databases from off-campus or go to the Library’s Distance Library Services Web page for instructions on how to access the databases from home.


Academic Search Premier
This is one of the largest databases in the Hostos digital collection.  Academic Search Premier is a scholarly, multi-disciplinary, full text database designed specifically for academic institutions. There is a large compliment of peer-reviewed full text journals, exhaustive indexing of thousands of journals where full text is not available, and a vast array of authoritative popular sources.  This resource contains full text for 4,598 scholarly publications with more than 100 going back to 1975 or further. It also includes PDF images for the great majority of journals; many of these PDFs are native (searchable) or scanned-in-color. Its scholarly collection provides full text journal coverage for nearly all academic areas of study - including social sciences, humanities, education, computer sciences, engineering, physics, chemistry, language and linguistics, arts & literature, medical sciences, ethnic studies, etc.  A complete title list can be found here.

American Humanities Index

It is a collection of bibliographic references to literary, scholarly and creative journals published in the United States and Canada.  This database covers more than 1,000 journals published from 1975 to the present, including many smaller journals and publications unavailable in other reference sources. It provides cover-to-cover indexing and abstracting of on-going journal content, including coverage of all original creative works, such as poetry and fiction.


AP Photo Archive
Image database containing hundreds of thousands of images. The collection consists primarily of Associated Press's current year's photo report together with a selection of other 20th Century and contemporary images. All images may be downloaded. The service is provided by AccuWeather, Inc.


Art Index
Art Index is a bibliographic database that indexes articles from periodicals published throughout the world. Periodical coverage includes English-language periodicals, yearbooks, and museum bulletins, as well as periodicals published in French, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch, and Swedish. In addition to articles, this database indexes reproductions of works of art that appear in indexed periodicals. Some subjects covered: Art History, Computers in Art, Painting, Photography, Pottery, etc.


The ARTFL Project
The Project for American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language (ARTFL) is a cooperative enterprise of Analyse et Traitement Informatique de la Langue Française (ATILF) of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), the Division of the Humanities, the Division of the Social Sciences, and Electronic Text Services (ETS) of the University of Chicago.


Biography Index
Biography Index is a bibliographic database that cites biographical material appearing in periodicals indexed in other Wilson Company databases and additional selected periodicals, current books of individual and collective biography, and incidental biographical material in otherwise non-biographical books. Periodicals indexed are selected from all subject areas represented by other Wilson Company databases. Biographical subjects indexed range from antiquity to the present and represent all fields and nationalities.


Biography Resource Center

This resource contains more than 400,000 biographies on nearly 315,000 people from around the world and throughout history. It combines more than 100 frequently consulted Gale biographical databases with more than 250 full-text periodicals.  An excellent resource for the student looking for a quick biographical overview of a historical figure, past or present.


Book Review Digest
Book Review Digest Plus brings together the data of Book Review Digest, which includes descriptive summaries of books as well as excerpts of book reviews, with all the book review citations and full text of book reviews from eleven other H. W. Wilson indexes. Those indexes are: Applied Science & Technology Index, Art Index, Biological & Agricultural Index, Education Index, General Science Index, Humanities Index, Index to Legal Periodicals & Books, Library Literature & Information Science, Readers’ Guide to Periodical Literature, Social Sciences Index, and Business Periodicals Index.  Every book in Book Review Digest Plus appears with all its reviews together. A single book can have as little as one review citation and as much as a descriptive summary and many reviews with excerpts and full text, depending upon the coverage the book received in the reviewing literature. Reviews must meet a length requirement to be cited, but no attempt is made to control the critical opinion they express. Books in all languages and from all countries qualify to be included if they are reviewed in one of the review sources indexed. The database includes children’s books as well as book for adults and young adults. The form of the authors’ and reviewers’ names is that found in the books or in the reviewing sources. The subject headings on the book records are those found on the available MARC records at the time the book was reviewed.



Consulta es un centro de información integrado por contenidos que cubren diversas áreas de conocimiento bajo un único punto de acceso. La base documental de OCENET Consulta está formada por información de referencia, procedente principalmente del fondo editorial de Océano, artículos de revistas y publicaciones especializadas, documentos históricos, clásicos literarios, imágenes, cartografía, atlas de anatomía y diccionarios. Los resultados de las búsquedas son siempre textos completos.


- Consulta provides a comprehensive collection of Spanish-language materials, including award-winning reference material from both Gale and Oceano, a wide range of journals, plus essential primary source documents. In addition to standard and advanced search methodologies and a dictionary function, Consulta provides a graphic chronological timeline to simplify research of specific eras, plus an extensive image gallery.


A gateway service that provides access to a collection of multi-discipline, full text databases designed specifically for academic institutions. Through EBSCOHost Hostos can offer its students and faculty access to CINAHL, ERIC, Medline, PsycINFO and Sociological Abstracts through the same easy to use interface. EBSCO has the ability to link to full text articles in Academic and Business Search Premier from third party databases (i.e. CINAHL, ERIC, Medline, PsycINFO, Sociological Abstracts) making these index and abstracting services partially full text.


Essay and General Literature Index
Essay and General Literature Index is a bibliographic database that cites essays and articles contained in collections of essays and miscellaneous works published in the
United States, Great Britain, and Canada. More than 300 volumes are indexed annually. Additionally, more than 20 annuals and serial publications are indexed. Essay and General Literature Index also provides full bibliographic information on collective titles indexed. Essay and General Literature Index focuses on the humanities and social sciences, with subject coverage ranging from economics, political science, and history to criticism of literary works, drama, and film.


Ethnic NewsWatch
Ethnic NewsWatch contains a full-text collection of articles, editorials, and reviews published in the newspapers, magazines, and journals of the ethnic minority and native press. Ethnic NewsWatch, which is available in both English and Spanish, provides multicultural coverage of subjects of general interest with special focus on African-American, Hispanic, Latino, Chicano, Native American, Asian-American, Jewish, Arab-American and European-American news.


GenderWatch is a full text database of unique and diverse publications that focus on how gender impacts a broad spectrum of subject areas. With its archival material, dating back to 1970 in some cases, GenderWatch is a repository of an important historical perspective on the evolution of the women's movement and the changes in gender roles. Publications include academic and scholarly journals, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, regional publications, books, booklets and pamphlets, conference proceedings, and government, non-governmental organization, and special reports. Covers Government , History and Politics, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Women's Studies. GenderWatch is designed to provide immediate answers to general reference questions, in addition to serving as an authoritative resource for Gender Studies, Women's Studies, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender studies, and Family Studies. Its international mix of content from non-mainstream publications makes GenderWatch a unique resource.


Handbook of Latin American Studies
The handbook is a bibliography on
Latin America consisting of works selected and annotated by scholars. Edited by the Hispanic Division of the Library of Congress, the multidisciplinary handbook alternates annually between the social sciences and the humanities. Each year, more than 130 academics from around the world choose over 5,000 works for inclusion in the handbook. Continuously published since 1935, the handbook offers Latin Americanists an essential guide to available resources.


HAPI Online
HAPI Online, the Hispanic American Periodical Index, is produced by an editorial staff at the UCLA Latin American Center. The database covers 1970 to present. From analyses of current political, economic, and social issues to unique coverage of Latin American arts and letters, HAPI Online contains bibliographic citations to journal and magazine articles, book reviews, documents and original literary works about Central and South America, Mexico, the Caribbean basin, the United States-Mexico border region, and Hispanics in the United States. It contains only some full text articles and that is only if these articles are found in the CUNY "JSTOR" database. Complimentary to this database is the Handbook of Latin American Studies Online (HLAS Online <>). Citations are either in Spanish or English.


Humanities Abstracts
Humanities Abstracts cites articles from English-language periodicals beginning with 1984. Topics include Art, Communications, Dance, Film, Folklore, Gender Studies, History, Journalism, Literary & Social Criticism, Literature, Music, Performing Arts, Philosophy and Religion.


Created exclusively for Spanish-speaking users, this full-text electronic reference tool is the first system to provide indexing, images and full text of popular Hispanic magazines -- not just translations. Also included is a thesaurus and interface that are uniquely designed for Spanish-speaking users. ¡Informe! thinks through every query in Spanish. Informe! also features title annotations in both English and Spanish. Includes of 50 full-text Spanish-language and bilingual periodical. Click here for a title list. Updated daily.


International Index to Black Periodicals Database

Analyses of African-American literature; reviews of calypso music; features on civil rights, education policy, and politics in a range of African nations are just a few topics that researchers can explore with International Index to Black Periodicals Full Text. The Index includes current and retrospective bibliographic citations and abstracts from 132 scholarly and popular journals, newspapers and newsletters from the United States, Africa, and the Caribbean - and full-text coverage of nearly twenty core Black Studies periodicals (1998 forward). Retrospective coverage includes 120,000 citations from over forty publications, with records dating back to 1902. Coverage is international in scope and multidisciplinary - spanning cultural, economic, historical, religious, social and political issues of vital importance to the Black Studies discipline. Updated monthly.


This electronic journal service provides full text access to more than 250 journals in language and literature, Latin American and Asian studies, political science, history, business, arts and sciences, and other fields in the social sciences and humanities. Journal coverage begins with the first issue of each journal, in some cases going as far back as the 1800s. Current journals are not entered into the database for 2 to 5 years.


Literature Resource Center and MLA
Literature Resource Center is a complete literature reference database which provides access to biographies, bibliographies, and critical analyses of authors from every age and literary discipline. It covers more than 120,000 novelists, poets, essayists, journalists, and other writers, with in-depth coverage of 2,500 of the most-studied authors. The LCR is built three author databases: Contemporary Authors Online, offering biographical coverage of more than 120,000 writers; Contemporary Literary Criticism Select, featuring entries on all authors appearing in CLC since vol. 95 of the print series and complete profiles of the 266 most studied authors from editions prior to vol. 95; and Dictionary of Literary Biography Online, containing more than 10,000 biocritical essays on authors and their works written by academic scholars. In addition, users can access current, full-text critical essays on major authors via the Literature Resource Center's link to more than 130 prominent literary journals. CUNY has elected to add the Modern Language Association (MLA) citation database to its LRC subscription, providing CUNY researchers with access to 1.4 million citations from the MLA International Bibliography.


MasterFILE Premier
Provides full text for over 1,880 periodicals covering nearly all subjects including general reference, business, health, and much more. Click here for a complete title list. Click here for more info.


PCI Full Text

This database is an excellent resource for the academic.  It allows one to peruse the literature in the field of the social sciences and humanities, but also allows you to search the contents of individual journals.  The following is the database description from the database vendor, Chadwyck-Healy: "Periodicals Contents Index (PCI) is an electronic index to millions of articles published in 4,324 periodicals in the humanities and social sciences. It enables undergraduate, graduate, faculty and general researchers to quickly locate every article relevant to their particular field of study, reducing what could involve years of research to a matter of minutes."


Project Muse
Currently, Project MUSE® offers nearly 250 quality journal titles from 40 scholarly publishers. As one of the academic community's primary electronic journals resources, Project MUSE covers the fields of literature and criticism, history, the visual and performing arts, cultural studies, education, political science, gender studies, economics, and many others. Project MUSE is setting the standard for scholarly electronic journals in the humanities and social sciences. At this time, Project MUSE subscriptions are available only to institutions


Readers Guide Abstracts
Readers Guide Full Text, is a database containing comprehensive indexing and abstracting of popular general-interest periodicals published in the
United States and Canada. Coverage begins with 1983. If you are attempting to find citations older than 1983, then go to the Readers' Guide Retrospective by clicking here. The Retrospective is an index that goes back to 1890 in its coverage.


Readers' Guide Retrospective

Readers' Guide Retrospective is a database containing comprehensive indexing of the most popular general-interest periodicals published in the United States and reflects the history of 20th century America. Subjects Covered: Aeronautics, African-Americans, Aging, Archeology, Astronomy, Automobiles, Biographies, Business, Children, Education, Environment, Fashion, Film, Fine Arts, Food, Foreign Affairs, Gardening, Health, History, Hobbies, Home, Journalism, Leisure Activities, Literature, Medicine, Music, News, Nutrition, Photography, Politics, Popular Culture, Radio, Religion, Science, Sports, Technology, Television, Travel. Current coverage for this database includes the years 1890 through 1982.


Twaynes Author Series

This series of literary criticism offers in-depth introductions to the lives and works of writers, the history and influence of literary movements and to the development of literary genres. Features the content of nearly 600 books that comprise three print series --United States Authors, English Authors and World Authors -- each of which were carefully coordinated with input from librarians and educators to include authors universally studied in high schools and colleges. Twayne's Author Series is an ideal starting point for research papers on literary works and figures, special projects and presentations. Students can quickly gain results by searching for a specific author, combining search criteria for a more complex search, or exploring thematic and chronological topics.


WWW version of the OCLC union catalog containing bibliographic information on over 39 million items from books and journals to CD-ROMs and videos. Includes holding information from libraries around the world. Part of FirstSearch (OCLC).





ART  (Select Internet Resources  | Recent Acquisitions in Hostos Library | Reference Works in the Hostos Collection)




Africa: the Art of a Continent

The Guggenheim exhibit “includes works ranging from the tools and rock art of early humankind to objects produced well into the twentieth century.”  Produced by The Royal Academy of Arts, London, in association with the Guggenheim Museum.


Art & Archaeology from the Perseus Project

One of the major humanities sites on the web, includes over 33,000 images and descriptions of buildings, sculpture, and other works of ancient Greek art.  Produced by Department of the Classics, Tufts University.


Art History Resources on the Web

 A collection of art history resources from prehistoric to the 21st century. Produced and maintained by Chris Witcombe, Professor of  Art History at Sweet Briar College, Virginia


Art Images for College Teaching

Contains a collection of digital images of art and architecture, organized by art historian and visual resources curator Allan T. Kohl, Minneapolis College of Art & Design.


Art Studio Chalkboard

“Resources that focus on the technical fundamentals of perspective, shading, color and painting”. Compiled and designed by Ralph Larmann, art faculty member in the University of Evansville Art




Mark Harden’s collection of over 2200 digitized reproductions of classic art from over 200 different artists.  Also presents galleries of online exhibitions.



“A comprehensive index of 7500 artists represented at hundreds of museum sites, image archives, and other online resources.”  The Artcyclopedia was created by John Malyon, fine arts Webmaster.


ArtLex Art Dictionary

An online dictionary of over 3500 art terms, including images, pronunciation guide, etc. Commercial site created by Michael Delahunt, schoolteacher of visual arts.


The Great Buildings Collection

“A gateway to architecture around the world…documents a thousand buildings and hundreds of leading architects.” Commercial Web site whereby contributions to the web site are from students, professionals, and academic researchers.


Latin American Art Directory

“A comprehensive (bilingual) guide to modern and contemporary Latin American and Latino art.”  Contains biographies, interviews, exhibitions, art glossary, etc.  The commercial Web site is managed by a group of collectors, curators and art historians.


Museum of Modern Art

Online Web site of a major New York City institution of modern art in the world.  The Web site provides:  text, artwork, photographs and other resources of interest.


National Gallery of Art

The online Web site of the National Gallery of Art houses one of the finest collections in the world illustrating major achievements in painting, sculpture, and graphic arts from the Middle Ages to the present.


NYPL Picture Collection Online

A New York Public Library online picture collection of 30,000 digitized images from books, magazines and newspapers as well as original photographs, prints and postcards, mostly created before 1923.



Links to contemporary sculptors and short biographies of deceased sculptors.  Created and maintained by Richard Collins, sculptor.


Smithsonian Institution

The online Web site of  the Smithsonian Institution, “the world’s largest museum complex and research organization.” Provides links to online resources related to architecture, music, painting, photography, etc.


Virtual Library museums pages

A comprehensive international directory of online museums and related resources. Maintained by Jonathan Bowen, Professor of Computing at London South Bank University.


Virtual Tour of Museums and Exhibits:

A commercial Web site with links to over 300 museums, exhibits, points of interest that have online guided tours.


Web Gallery of Art

Hungarian Web site providing “over 11,600 digital reproductions of European paintings and sculptures created between the years 1150 and 1800. A considerable number of the pictures are commented and biographies of the significant artists are given.”  Created by Emil Kren and Daniel Marx.


World Wide Arts Resources

A commercial Web site containing information on: contemporary artists and masters, museums, galleries, fine art, art history, art education, antiques, dance, theater, etc. “ Presents over 91,000 works of art by medium, subject matter, and theme.  View over 200,000 works by over 22,000 masters in the art history section.”






London ; New York : I.B. Tauris, 2004.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  ND195 .U54 2004


Internet art.

Greene, Rachel

London; New York : Thames & Hudson, 2004.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  N7433.8 .G74 2004


Using stories to make art.

Libby, Wendy M. L..

Clifton Park, NY : Thomson Delmar Learning, 2004.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  N350 .L43 2004


Thinking and writing about art history.

Reid, Donna K.

Upper Saddle River, NJ : Pearson Prentice Hall, 2004.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  N380 .R438 2004


The colors of learning.

Althouse, Rosemary

New York : Teachers College Press ; Washington, DC : National Association for the Education of Young Children, 2003.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  LB1139.5 .A78 A48 2003


Botero – women.

Botero, Fernando

New York : Rizzoli ; London : Troika, 2003.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  N6679 .B6 B68 2003


Arts of ancient Egypt.

Freed, Rita E.

Boston, Mass. : MFA Publications, 2003.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  N5335 .B6 M87 2003


Black images in the comics.

Strömberg, Fredrik

Seattle, Wash. : Fantagraphics, 2003.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  NC1355 .S77 2003


Prehistoric art.

White, Randall

New York : Harry N. Abrams, 2003.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  N5310 .W48 2003


The art of history.

Collins, Lisa Gail

New Brunswick, NJ : Rutgers University Press, 2002.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  N6538 .N5 C65 2002


Art in the modern era.

Dempsey, Amy

New York : Harry N. Abrams, 2002.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  N6490 .D415 2002


Twentieth-century American art.

Doss, Erika Lee

Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2002.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  N6512 .D598 2002


Early art and architecture of Africa.

Garlake, Peter S.

Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2002.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  N7380 .G37 2002



LaGamma, Alisa

New York : Metropolitan Museum of Art : New Haven : Yale University Press, 2002.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  NB1080.5 .L34 2002


Chicano visions.

Boston : Little, Brown and Co., c2002.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  ND212 .C455 2002


Early medieval art.

Nees, Lawrence

Oxford; New York : Oxford University Press, 2002.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  N5970 .N44 2002


Masterpieces of western art.

Köln ; New York : Taschen, 2002.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  N5300 .M27 2002


Twentieth-century art of Latin America

Barnitz, Jacqueline

Austin : University of Texas Press, 2001.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  N6502.5 .B36 2001


Divine mirrors.

Katz, Melissa R.

Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2001.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  N8070 .D58 2001


Over the line.

Seattle : University of Washington Press in association with Jacob & Gwendolyn Lawrence Foundation, 2001.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  ND237 .L29 O94 2001


A history of art in Africa.

New York : Harry N. Abrams, 2001.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  N7380 .H54 2001






African Americans in the visual arts.

Otfinoski, Steven

New York : Facts on File, 2003.

Hostos CC - Reference -  N6538 .N5 O86 2003


Latin American and Caribbean artists of the modern era.

Shipp, Steve

Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland & Co., 2003.

Hostos CC - Reference -  N6502.4 .S45 2003


Artists from Latin American cultures.

Congdon, Kristin G.

Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2002.

Hostos CC - Reference -  N6502.5 .C657 2002


The Oxford companion to Western art.

Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2001.

Hostos CC - Reference -  N33 .O923 2001


Gardner's art through the ages.

Gardner, Helen

Fort Worth, TX : Harcourt College Publishers, 2001.

Hostos CC - Reference -  N5300 .G25 2001


From abacus to Zeus.

Pierce, James Smith

Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Prentice Hall, 2001.

Hostos CC - Reference -  N33 .P5 2001


Encyclopedia of Latin American & Caribbean art.

New York : Grove's Dictionaries, 2000.

Hostos CC - Reference -  N6502 .E53 2000


The Oxford history of Western art.

Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2000.

Hostos CC - Reference -  N5300 .O96 2000


Who was who in American art 1564-1975.

Madison, CT : Sound View Press, 1999.

Hostos CC - Reference -  N6536 .W56 1999


Lives of the painters, sculptors, and architects.

Vasari, Giorgio

New York : Alfred A. Knopf : Distributed by Random House, 1996.

Hostos CC - Reference -  N6915 .V322513 1996




MUSIC (Select Internet Resources - General, Choral/Vocal, Instrumental Music, Jazz, Opera,  Caribbean Regional Resources  | Recent Acquisitions in Hostos Library | Reference Works in the Hostos Collection )






Essentials of Music

A Sony commercial site featuring classical music with information on three basic aspects:  eras, composers and a glossary.


Classical Composers' Archive

This site provides brief biographical information and pictures of many of the classical composers.  Site created and maintained by Lon Spight, University of Nevada, at Las Vegas.


Worldwide Internet Music Resources

Links to sites on individual composers, compositions, and types of music as well as those of a more general interest.  Maintained by the Indiana University Music Library.


WWW Virtual Library - Classical Music

An excellent guide focusing on classical music presented by  Georgetown Preparatory School.  Features biographical information about composers and artists, provides academic and commercial listings, and features categories of reference information.


Worldwide Internet Music Resources: Instruments

Links to resources on various musical instruments, including individual and types of instruments, provided by William and Gayle Cook Music Library, Indiana University.






“ChoralNet provides a central portal to online resources and communications for the global choral music community.” Site maintained by a major US choral organization.   Resources include: repertoire lists, reference materials, rehearsal tips, choral accessories and technology, etc. Also, features “Foro de Música Coral Latinoamericana,” a forum for choral music in Latin America.


Musica International Database of choral music

“MUSICA is currently a choral documentary search tool as well as a pedagogic tool…for amateurs and people eager to know about the choral music repertoire.”  The Musica International organization maintains the multilingual and multimedia database.





Jazz Online - Jazz 101

Recognized as the “first commercial jazz web site” providing an introduction to jazz and information on different styles of jazz. The site “attracts a diverse audience, ranging from the dedicated jazz fan to the avid music enthusiast seeking to broaden their musical spectrum.”


America's Jazz Heritage

Presents the history of jazz through exhibitions, performances, recordings, radio, publications, and educational programs at the Smithsonian and across the nation.  Site is hosted by the Smithsonian Institute.


Jazz Research Portal

University of North Texas Music Library’s Jazz research portal provides links to jazz and related aspects including history, artists, online journals, and academic programs and archives.


Photographs from the Golden Age of Jazz

The collection consists of jazz photographs taken by writer-photographer William P. Gottlieb, from 1938 to 1948, the period known as "Golden Age of Jazz" when swing reached its peak and modern jazz developed.   Approximately 1,600 negatives and color transparencies, 54 framed exhibition prints, 950 reference prints, and accompanying contact prints compose the collection presented by the Library of Congress.





A participatory web site hosted by Stanford University providing detailed information on:  libretti, source texts, performance histories, synopses, discographies, etc.


Pronouncing dictionary of Opera Terms

“The text for the definitions in the dictionary was taken in part from the Opera Glossary created by William Fred Scott, Artistic Director of the Atlanta Opera.  Sound recordings for the pronunciation of Italian terms were made by Professor Angela Mutzi of the Rhodes College Foreign Languages and Literatures Department. French terms were recorded by Elizabeth Crouch, Rhodes, '97.”



Caribbean Regional Resources

Note:  The following resources were compiled & contributed by Prof. Miriam Laskin Home

One of the premier online resources for Afro-Latin music ranging from salsa and Afro-Cuban Latin jazz to rumba and folkloric lucumí/santeria, this commercial web site, owned by Bruce Polin, offers information on musicians and Caribbean music alongside CD’s and other music products. Descarga Journal is an online archive of artist interviews and profiles going back more than 10 years; the site also offers a glossary of Caribbean musical terms, a newsletter and extensive links to other music sites worldwide.

This site is “dedicated to the acknowledgement, preservation and promotion of the Afro-Latin music/dance traditions which have shaped the evolution of modern day Salsa.” It offers articles, photos, discographies, links to other music sites and calendars of music events..


Alex Pertout's Percussion Web Site

Alex Pertout is an educator and percussionist who specialize in Latin American percussion. Of special interest is the “Lessons” section where site visiters can take 16 different percussion lessons for free, including “Clave Concepts,”  “Guaguanco (Afro Cuban rumba),” “Bomba (Afro Puerto Rican treasure),”  “Mozambique,” and lessons introducing the Conga drum, Bongo drum, and how to play 6/8 rhythms. Each lesson includes a brief contextual history of the instrument or style, clear notation and a short discography for listening to the styles played by the masters.


Rhythmweb: caribbean rhythms

Eric Stuer owns this mega resource for percussionists. The site includes news, CDs, books, lessons and some articles on percussion-based musics from all over the world.


AMG All Music Guide

The All Music Guide covers well over 307,000 recordings and over 1.5 million song titles; it includes more than 50,000 biographies and over 125,000 reviews.. It also offers more than 250 "Music Maps," flow charts covering instruments, musical genres and styles, with timelines on music styles. There is a glossary of musical terms and styles and signed essays on artists and music styles.


Zona Latina: Latin American Radio

This site is a huge list of links to radio stations around the world that broadcast Latin American radio shows. The list is divided by geographic region and individual country. Clicking on any of the links brings the listener straight to that radio station and to the livestreaming audio broadcast. Besides the radio resources page, there are pages for Latin American music (over 600 links).






Music melting round.

Borroff, Edith

Lanham, Md. : Scarecrow Press, 2003.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  ML200 .B67 2003


Rap and hip hop.

San Diego : Greenhaven Press, c2003.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  E185.86 .R35 2003


Bebop to cool.

Meadows, Eddie S.

Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2003.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  ML3508 .M43 2003


New York Ricans from the hip hop zone.

Rivera, Raquel Z.

New York, N.Y. : Palgrave Macmillan, 2003.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  F128.9 .P85 R584 2003


Out of sight.

Abbott, Lynn

Jackson : University Press of Mississippi, 2002.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  ML3479 .A2 2003


To stretch our ears.

New York : W.W. Norton, c2002.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  ML200 .T67 2002


Yes yes y'all.

Fricke, Jim

Cambridge, MA : Da Capo Press, 2002.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  ML3531 .F75 2002


Can't be satisfied.

Gordon, Robert

Boston : Little, Brown,  2002.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  ML420 .M748 G67 2002


Concise history of western music.

Hanning, Barbara Russano

New York : Norton,  2002.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  ML160 .H2827 2002


Music is the weapon of the future.

Tenaille, Frank

Chicago, Ill. : Lawrence Hill Books,  2002.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  ML3502.9 .T4613 2002


America's musical life.

Crawford, Richard

New York : Norton, 2001.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  ML200 .C69 2001


All shook up!

Denenberg, Barry

New York : Scholastic Press, 2001.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  ML3930 .P73 D45 2001


Music from Cuba.

Gerard, Charley

Westport, CT : Praeger, 2001.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  ML394 .M86 2001


The triumph of the soul.

Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 2001.

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Reggae wisdom.

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American popular music.

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Women and music in America since 1900.

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A century of American popular music.

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The encyclopedia of the musical theatre.

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All music guide to jazz.

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The Garland encyclopedia of world music

(South America, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean)

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The Scribner guide to orchestral instruments.

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PHOTOGRAPHY (Select Internet Resources  | Recent Acquisitions in Hostos Library | Reference Works in the Hostos Collection)




Digital Photography Review: Glossary

 A glossary of terms related to: camera system, digital imaging, exposure, optical, and photography.  Part of a commercial web site about digital photography and digital imaging.  Site is edited and maintained by Philip & Joanna Askey.


American Museum of Photography

“A virtual museum featuring online exhibits and images:  slavery and African American history, surrealism, daguerreotypes, portraits, etc.”


Helios: National Museum of American Art Photography Online

The photography web site for the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Art.  Online collections include:  “American Photographs,” landscape photography, and daguerreotypes exhibits.


Photographs from the Golden Age of Jazz

The collection consists of jazz photographs taken by writer-photographer William P. Gottlieb, from 1938 to 1948, the "Golden Age of Jazz" when swing reached its peak and modern jazz developed.   Approximately 1,600 negatives and color transparencies, 54 framed exhibition prints, 950 reference prints, and accompanying contact prints compose the collection. The web site is presented by the Library of Congress.


A History of Photography

This commercial web site traces the history of photography from the early period and includes “biographical information on more than 100 important photographers and significant processes, styles, and movements of the first eighty years of photography.”  Prepared by Robert Leggat of Royal Photographic Society


Voice of the Shuttle:  Photography

An excellent gateway to many different areas of photography:  general photography resources, photographers, works and projects; and galleries and museums, etc.  Web site is hosted by University of California at Santa Barbara.


Mathew Brady's National Portrait Gallery

A virtual tour of Mathew Brady’s collection of photographs taken during the 1800s. Hosted by the National Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian Institute.


When They Were Young: A Photographic Retrospect

Images from the Prints and Photographs Collection of the Library of Congress that “capture the experience of childhood as it is connected across time, different cultures, and diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.”


Women of Our Time

From the National Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian Institute “an interactive gallery of photographs of some of twentieth-century America’s famous and influential women.”


Women Photographers

 Virtual exhibit of National Geographic women photographers:  Jodi Cobb, Karen Kasmauski, Maria Stenzel, Annie Griffiths Belt, and Sisse Brimberg,  Site is maintained by the Newsmuseum.


The NYPL Picture Collection Online

“An image resource site for those who seek knowledge and inspiration from visual materials. It is a collection of 30,000 digitized images from books, magazines and newspapers as well as original photographs, prints and postcards, mostly created before 1923.”  Maintained by New York Public Library, Mid-Manhattan Library, Picture Collection.


Pilgrimage: Looking at Ground Zero

“Kevin Bubriski’s photo essay Pilgrimage: Looking at Ground Zero concentrates on the stunned visages of some of the thousands of people who made the trek to Ground Zero in the weeks following the attack.”  Maintained by the New York Historical Society.







Adirondack vernacular.

Bogdan, Robert

Syracuse, N.Y. :  Syracuse University Press, 2003.

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A photographer of note.

Cochran, Robert

Fayetteville : University of Arkansas Press, 2003.

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Disappearing witness.

Garner, Gretchen

Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2003.

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At the edge of the light.

Travis, David

Boston : David R. Godine, 2003.

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Marien, Mary Warner

New York : Harry N. Abrams, 2002.

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Wise women.

Tenneson, Joyce

Boston : Little, Brown and Co., 2002.

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Professional photography.

Joseph, Cathy

Switzerland : RotoVision ; New York, NY : Distributed by Watson-Guptill Publications, 2001.

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The artist portrait series.

Logan, Fern

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Coming into focus.

San Francisco, CA : Chronicle Books, 2000.

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Professional photography.

Daye, David

Switzerland : RotoVision ; New York, NY : Distributed by Watson-Guptill Publications, 2000.

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Digital scanning and photography.

Gookin, Dan

Redmond, Wash. : Microsoft Press, 2000.

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Leibovitz, Annie

New York : Random House, 2000.

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The photography encyclopedia.

McDarrah, Gloria S.

New York : Schirmer Books, 1999.

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London, Barbara

New York : Longman, 1998.

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A world history of photography.

Rosenblum, Naomi

New York : Abbeville Press, 1997.

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The Focal encyclopedia of photography.

Boston : Focal Press, 1993.

Hostos CC - Reference -  TR9 .F6 1993


The Art of photography, 1839-1989.

New Haven : Yale University Press, 1989.

Hostos CC - Reference -  TR646.G72 L66192 1989




PUBLIC SPEAKING (Select Internet Resources | Recent Acquisitions in Hostos Library | Reference Works in the Hostos Collection) 





DOUGLASS : Archives of American Public Address

“Douglass is an electronic archive of American oratory and related documents.” Access to the collection of speeches can be obtained by:  speaker, title, chronologically, or by controversy/movement. Also, includes Gifts of Speech—collection of speeches made by “influential contemporary women.”


Great American Speeches

“A comprehensive on-line collections of speech texts of contemporary American History,” including background information on speaker and the particular speech.  PBS, a private, non-profit media enterprise, maintains site.


Virtual Presentation Assistant

“An online tutorial for improving your public speaking skills.”  Contents include:  selecting your topic, supporting your points, presenting your speech, and a collection of additional related links.  The site is maintained by the Communication Studies Department at the University of Kansas.






101 secrets of highly effective speakers.

Krannich, Caryl Rae

Manassas Park, VA : Impact Publications, 2002.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  PN4121 .K94 2002


Giving professional presentations in the behavioral sciences and related fields.

Platow, Michael

New York : Psychology Press, 2002.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  PN4129.15 .P53 2002


Speak up with confidence.

Valenti, Jack

New York : Hyperion, 2002.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  PN4121 .V28 2002


Speech outline.

Hanson, Reeze L & Condon, Sharon

Addison Wesley  : Longman Inc. 2001.

Hostos CC Reserve - PN4121 .E36 2001 t.c.


Essentials of public speaking.

Weaver, Richard L..

Boston : Allyn and Bacon, 2001.

Hostos CC Reserve - PN4121 .W34716 2001






How to say it best.

Griffin, Jack

Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice Hall, 1994.

Hostos CC - Reference -  PN4121 .G7195 1994


Lend me your ears.

New York : Norton, 1992.

Hostos CC - Reference -  PN6122 .L4 1992


Just say a few words.

Monkhouse, Bob

New York : M. Evans and Co.,1991.

Hostos CC - Reference -  PN4121 .M575 1991


The world's great speeches.

Copeland, Lewis

New York, Dover Publications, 1973.

Hostos CC - Reference -  PN6121 .C65 1973




THEATRE ( Select Internet Resources  | Recent Acquisitions in Hostos Library  |  Reference Works in the Hostos Collection )




The Costume Page

A personal web site with over 2,000 links to information on costumes and costume-related resources.


The iNtuitons College Theater Guide

“This guide is maintained by iNtuitons, a student-run experimental theatre company at the University of Pennsylvania.  It is meant as a resource to the collegiate theatre community.”


The WWW Virtual Library for Theatre and Drama

A commercial site with multilingual & multicultural links to academic and professional resources in theatre studies.  Good source for electronic text archives and plays online


A Brief Guide to Theatre and Performance Studies

An outstanding comprehensive guide to web sites on aspects of theatre and performance studies:  actors and acting, stagecraft and technical theatre, plays and playwrights, Shakespeare, non-profit theatre and arts organization, etc.  Maintained by Ken McCoy, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Communication Studies and Theatre Arts, Stetson University, DeLand, Florida.


Justin's Drama and Theatre Links

Provides links to many aspects of the theater, including history, playwrights, styles, stagecraft, scripts, costumes, etc.  Maintained by Justin Cash, Head of Drama at Avila College, Melbourne, Australia.


The Internet Broadway Database

A comprehensive database of shows produced on Broadway and “offers historical information about theatres and various statistics and fun facts related to Broadway.”  Created by the Research Department of League of American Theatres and Producers, the national trade association for Broadway.

A commercial site with a searchable directory of over 1100 links in over 60 categories related to the theater: playwrights, aspects of stage production, and theatre listings.


Small-Cast One-Act Guide Online

“This site lists one-act plays for four or fewer actors, accessing worldwide over 700 unpublished and published scripts in multiple languages in various media.” Provides author & title indexes and a cast size/gender index.  Site maintained by Lewis W. Heniford, drama teacher.

“ A resource for practical information and advice about technical theatre techniques for theatre folk at any level.”  Thematic sections include:  lighting, sound, props, stage management, glossary with over 1400 terms,etc. Site developed by Jon Primrose and the University of Exeter School of Performance Arts, UK..






The age of Shakespeare.

Kermode, Frank

New York : Modern Library, 2004.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  PR3095 .K466 2004


Central man.

Guha Majumdar, Rupendra

Brussels ; New York : P. Lang, 2003.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  PS350 .G84 2003


A history of African American theatre.

Hill, Errol

Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2003.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  PN2270 .A35 H55 2003


A beautiful pageant.

Krasner, David

New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2002.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  PS338 .N4 K73 2002


Latina performance.

Arrizón, Alicia

Bloomington, Ind. : Indiana University Press, 1999.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  PN2270 .M48 A77 1999


A companion to Shakespeare.

Oxford, UK ; Malden, MA : Blackwell Publishers, 1999.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  PR2910 .C66 1999


The first Black actors on the Great White Way.

Curtis, Susan

Columbia : University of Missouri Press, 1998.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  PN 2270 .A35 C87 1998


The ends of performance.

New York : New York University Press, 1998.

Hostos CC - Stacks -  PN2041.A57 E53 1998


The Cambridge history of American theatre.

Cambridge, UK ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1998-2000

Hostos CC - Reference -  PN2221 .C37 1998







The Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre & Performance.

Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2003.

Hostos CC - Reference -  PN2035 .O94 2003


Profiles of African American stage performers and theatre people, 1816-1960.

Peterson, Bernard L.

Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2001.

Hostos CC - Reference -  PN2286 .P46 2001


Twentieth-century literary movements dictionary.

Detroit, Mich. : Omnigraphics, 2000.

Hostos CC – Reference - PN597 .T94 2000


The great stage directors.

Leiter, Samuel L.

New York, NY : Facts on File, 1994.

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The Concise Oxford companion to the theatre.

Oxford [England] ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1992.

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Theatre lighting from A to Z.

Boulanger, Norman

Seattle : University of Washington Press, 1992.

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The Oxford companion to American theatre.

Bordman, Gerald Martin

New York : Oxford University Press, 1992.

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