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Searching by Author



When you have the name of an author, and wish to obtain a list of items written by that particular author, search by Author. Most library catalogs require that you enter the author's last name first.

For example, if you did an AUTHOR search for books by Neil Armstrong (entered as Armstrong, Neil), you find the following:

You searched for the AUTHOR:  armstrong, neil
Found 3 items:
Neil Armstrong 1930
  1. The first lunar landing : 20th anniversary / Armstrong, Neil (1989)
  2. First on the moon. A voyage with Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr. / Armstrong, Neil (1970)
  3. Space flight : discovering the final frontier / United States Film Corporation. Video. Narrated by Neil Armstrong (1993)

NOTE: Remember, if you wanted to find items about Neil Armstrong, you would search by Subject and enter his name (last name first).