Media Literacy

Media & Mass Media


"MEDIA" is a plural noun. The word refers to multiple mediums such as television, radio, etc. When you use the word in a sentence, you need to be aware of subject verb agreements.

"Medium" is a singular noun. You acquire information from various media. Television is one such medium. Radio is another medium by which you receive information. Print constitutes yet another medium that offers different perspectives on an event.

When you refer to "MASS MEDIA" you are referring to several separate mediums that are used to disseminate information in the United States and throughout the world.

The various mediums that comprise the MASS MEDIA are:

  1. Television

    • network

    • cable

    • direct TV

    • satellite

  2. Radio

    • commercial

    • short-wave

  3. Film

    • commercial

    • short-wave

  4. Print

    • Newspapers...daily, weekly, tabloid,

    • magazines

    • newsletters, direct mail,

  5. Photography

    • photo-journalism

    • commercial photography

    • artistic photography

  6. Electronic

    • E-mail

    • Internet.